Wednesday, November 14, 2007

***How Daanya spent the last day of Hari Raya***

It was such a cold day that we were quite concern about taking her out afraid that she might get another round of bronchiolitis attack. But we have made promises to Hazmy's colleage, Uncle Asrul and also me to Aunty Lulul that we would show up for their events respectively...the rain was pouring so heavily even at 4:30pm. We were supposed to attend Nurul's (Aunty Lulul) raya gathering first and had to change plans and head for Uncle Asrul's daughters' birthday party at A&W first since the party was on a schedule...So, having promised Nurul that we would come early I had to make sure that it was ok with her to come a bit after the gathering time...and once it was A&W we went!

I was so happy for Daanya as this was her first time attending a birthday party and it taking place at A&W gets me excited in seeing how she would react to the A&W's mascot. hehehhe.A part of me was also a bit tense worrying whether or not she wold throw a hissy fit...but it all went good...she was afraid of the A&W bear at first and cried but after she just could not take her eyes off the bear and made a calling gesture (At least to me, that is how I interpreted it lar) to the bear by making that "uh uh" sound...we sat her down on the baby chair provided and she was such a good girl just sat there and did not even squirm...everybody thought she was cute...though I did get a bit offended when some called her a boy???? Hazmy and I concluded it is probably because she has very fine hair...oh well...Abang Adam, Uncle Pak Shah and Aunty Lin was also there...but Adam was being his usual self (I am a boy and I don't like girls)-he is 1 by the way and Daanya is always the friendlier of the two..she would try to touch him and make
friendly gestures and Adam would just ignore her...hahahha
so cute!!!(Note to Pak Shah and Lin: I am carefully ruling out this whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing with them on the grounds of no chemistry!!!hahahaha)
We had a good time there at A&W...Thank you Asrul and wife for inviting us together with Daanya...actually it got me a bit motivated to start planning for Daanya's first party...hmmm

Anyways, Daanya was so tired after the part
y that the minute we entered the car to head for Nurul's she immediately fell asleep..

Next we headed to Anuty Lulul's house and was quite embar
rassed as it was almost Maghrib but she and her family insisted on us coming in as Daanya was asleep. They went out of her way to make Daanya comfortable even to Sumayya's(or Yaya as we would call her) hesitation (sumayya is Aunty Lulul's niece, her elder sister, Nina's only child, at least for now,she is 4 and so so pretty and such a chatterbox...mmmm love kiddies like that). Yaya was rejecting Daanya, she won't let Daanya touch her toys and stuff and made the adults around her including her nana (Aunty Lulul's mummy) a bit annoyed but to me it was no biggie...Yaya is just used to being the only baby in the house, I don't blame her :) but a bit after she got used to Daanya's presence and at a point was sore with Aunty Lulul and had wanted to carry Daanya into her room with her. "I am mad at you" she said to Aunty Lulul. She took all her toys and then lastly wanted to carry Daanya into her room with her..."Where are you going", Nurul asked..."I want to bring adik with me" adik being Daanya la....alarrr so comellllll!!!! It was all such good fun...

Here's Daanya On Sumayya's lap and Aunty Lulul

Daanya with Aunty Lulul's Mom

Wo(another name Nurul is known by), Thank you so much for having us. You and your family was such good hosts and was so hospitable...we had such a good time...Do do thank your mom for me and Daanya's regards to Yaya...just want to see how she would
react to that...hehehhe.

Daanya and her aunty Lulul

That was how Daanya spent the last day of raya...very productive and
fun...she went flat out that night, probably exhausted...Nevertheless I was so happy that she got to experience all that..she won't remember it no doubt but for us, her parents to be there and share that with her...totally priceless...can't wait t experience more parties and gatherings with her...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

***Daanya @ 7 months***

Gosh, I have been so out of touch...bogged down with work and did not have time at all to update the blog...especially with Daanya's progress...Only today I realized that Daanya is about to turn 8 months soon and I have not even written about her 7 months milestone.Huhu...Anyway better late then never kan?

She turned 7 months last 23rd October. It was the festive season with raya and how Hazmy and I was anticipating raya only because we cannot wait to show her off...hehhe.To our dismay, the weather at that peak point right before raya was not favoring us...Daanya was down with high fever, cough and flu that 2 weeks before raya and going into 1 week before the celebration she was at her weakest. It was so bad that she found it difficult breathing, her appetite dropped to only if we are lucky 2 full 8oz milk others she would simply throw out, solids had to be put on hold...basically cranky the whole 2 weeks...she had transformed from a very active and lively baby to one that was so frail and weak and heart hurt and only wished that she would pass whatever she was having to me...I even prayed for it...her fever was on and off, we were so scared out of our lives that it might be dengue...(panicked there a while at the thought especially after a colleagues good friend's baby daughter passed away from dengue at 6 months). We took her in and out of the pediatrician clinics...after one does not work, we tried another and nothing seemed to work. They were all treating her for asthma and by this time she was so heavily medicated that I cannot help but cry all the time...waking her up every 4 hours for her nabulizer (however do you spell it la!!!)was so heartbreaking...until that Thursday, 2 days before Hari Raya that I told Hazmy, we have to stop all these is not helping her at all! she is not progressing nor that Thursday, she was free from any medication until Friday (1 day before raya) I told Hazmy that I want to take her to SJMC even if it means that they will ward her...even if it means no Hari Raya...I cannot see her in that weak...not eating nothing!!The doc we met with, said that she does not have asthma, yes there is wheezing and all but what she had was bronchiolitis...a condition where her bronchioles were clogged with phlegm therefore causing difficulty in breathing and hence, the runny nose, phlegmy cough as well as vomiting due to the change in weather, polluted air, even through pollens in the air. He told us to stop all medication and start treating her for bronchiolitis which include giving her a course of what we call the "aero chamber" for kids...(the ventulin inhaler inserted into this container attached to a mouthpiece), treatment medication for the blocked nose and phlegm for only 3 days (I have no absolute idea why)and singulair to be taken with her solids. OK..all in all 600 over bucks...but let me tell you 2 days and she was recovering very very fast...immediate change once we started on all these new medication...and get this no warding required because doc wanted us to try the outlet with the medication and "aero chamber"first. I was a happy mummy because this means that she can have her first hari raya....yeay!!! She lost about 400gms which made her weight dropped from an 8.8 to 8.4gms in just 2 days...and after 2 weeks of raya and celebrating and my baby recovering she gained back her 8.8gms towards the end of October.Alhamdulillah...

Raya was Daanya get to spend her first raya with all her sets of grandparents, Opah and Tok Jo, nenek and atok on her first day and Tok Papa and Tok Sha on her second day...all wearing the baju kurung we got her and also the red polka dot kurung she got as a gift from Aunty Lulul...(Thanks Wo...I love you so so much for your support of Daanya and her progress!!!)We also invaded a few houses of family members and friends' and her duit raya, woof...babies can generate quite a sum of cash in an hour by just being babies...she was generating at least 100 bucks in 2/3 hours...and at the end making more than mommy in just 2 days of beraya....hehehhehe but it was all it means that we can finally open up her "ASW" though we want to open up "ASB" but she has to be 12 years old for that...I guess that will do for now....

As for her progressing development at 7 months...she is now able to stand but still aided la with anything she can hold...she can do the "salam" bit...hehehhe truthfully am proud with that one...she would salam your hand and when you say "amin" she would then bring your hand to her nose and kiss it...more like wiping her nose on your hand lar...but anything goes..hehhehe naturally she has her moods lar...when she feel like doing it she will salam just about anybody...if not she would just ignore your demands hehehhe...she now knows when I forbid her to do something...I would go "ep" then she would instantly be sad and quickly crawl back to mommy and give me a hug (konon nak pujuk la)hehhehe so cute...Now we finally know which cartoon she is more keen on watching and would laugh away as though she knows what the characters are saying...she loves Barney (I think all of them do!!!How is it that a purple dinosaur can have this effect on kids???beats me!), Noddy, Pocoyo, Tigger and Pooh, Little Einsteins,Higglytown heroes, Bananas in pajamas, bear in the big blue house and those in between shows that they show for intermission like Danny and Daddy, Swo-Swoosh, 5 minutes more...

She is very careful with the toys she plays now and already have favorites.She puts less of them in her mouth and that is just wonderful to mommy. She loves piggy back rides and would laugh away when Uncle Jo and aunt Manja does so. She just love her walker and would play hide 'n' seek with us with it...(we hide and she finds us) and also "you cannot catch me" with daddy...

I make her rice porridge now and can see she has more interest in chicken than fish and loves her greens...would give her apple juice or apple and prune juice as a reward in a sippy cup and boy she loves juice in her sippy cup...would welcome new recipes!!!Please!!!

I also noticed that she is quite attached to me when I am around...she would crawl to me when she sees me and get so excited when I carry I can see that we are going to be bffs...hehehhe...she loves bullying daddy during diaper changes where she would hilariously to the bicycle when daddy wants to strap her diaper in...hehhehe hilarious...she does this all the time and only to daddy...

She is now taking EnfaPro A+ the next step in the enfa product...did a lot of research before deciding on this...she was doing ok with enfalac though she can very well consume it till 12 months, after researching I have decided since at this stage she would enfapro would be beneficial especially it being calcium based suitable for her stage unlike enfalac which is iron based...tried that and she is ok...the transition was good...she is still taking enfalac at opah's and tok papa's nenek's they have fully enforced the enfapro A+..

All in all, I am so happy with her..days would pass us by and everyday I am thankful for her...she is such a joy to have and the bigger she gets the more I find that I cannot be without her...makes me wonder how am I to leave her for our Bandung trip this December...huhu...