Friday, January 29, 2010

***O' wishlist!!!***

Since January began, we have been cracking our heads thinking of layout designs and decor for the new house.  It is tougher this time around cause we finally found an empty house and finally able to put our own touches onto the house.  Unlike this present one that we purchased where everything had been there we only needed to move in with a couple of essentials, our clothes and ourselves!!hehe.  We purchased this present house thinking that it was perfect since we got it when we got engaged and at that point in time it was a worthy purchase considering we were just starting out in life.  Now almost 5 years into our lives together with a 3 year old toddler in tow and one in the oven, we thought it was perfect timing to look further into the future.

The new purchase right now is like a blank canvas. I have all these ideas and I very much wish that I can have the best of everything!!!Eversince the purchase, I have been collecting all sorts of inspirations with so much hope and anticipation that I am able to imprint them into our new house.  Let me share with you some of those ideas and hopefully with my fingers crossed we are able to somehow have some sort of the same...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

***Al-Fatihah - Rest in Peace Wan ( 02.06.1930 - 22.01.2010)***

My paternal grandma passed away last Friday (22.01.2010).It was indeed sad as I never got to say goodbye. Though her passing was very much predicted, we never thought it would be this soon.  My grandpa passed on last April and since grandma has somehow lost her will to live.  She did admit to being so lonely and misses grandpa dearly.  I always find it  difficult to express my feelings when it comes to dealing with pains and sorrows of these kind. I did try to be a little stronger this time compared to the passing of my grandpa. I felt more sorrow wondering what is going through my dad's mind.  It somehow hurt me more to see and know that my dad is also hurting while trying to be very strong like the eldest son that he is. 

My grandma has always been a loving grandma especially to her grandchildren and their children. Grandma has always wanted to be closer to Daanya but at this toddler age, Daanya's attention span spans all over the place, so to speak. My grandma is the independent old timer who drives to where she wants to go. A stick-shift too at that. I have friends of mine giving the salute awestruck at my grandma's ability to drive her Honda Civic here and there.  She was the kind of grandma that would instead come to visit you just to see her great-grandchild instead of you visiting her.  She was the kind that made sure you ate and drink plenty when you visit her even though you stuffed your face solid before coming to see her.

I still remember way back then when we siblings used to anticipate going back to JB for Eid, before things started to change.  She and grandpa lived in the spacious corner lot with a gigantic space of a garden, large enough for her to grow 6-8 rambutan trees. My my. Every Eid, our staple Eid menu would be cooked right on that very garden, with coal, firewood and real fire the works!Eid was so much fun back then. I also remember how that house was situated right in front of a railway track and we (cousins and siblings) would run all the way to the kitchen every time a train would pass by.  Oh so heavenly, the sound of those trains as loud and annoying as they were.

Then when they moved to a new place, things were a bit different.  I was growing into a teenager then and more often the drive back was more of a drag and once there I always counted to days to head back to KL.  Adolescence! Then when we lost our eldest uncle and aunty (Pak long and Mak long), things somehow were completely different.  Felt like things were more torn apart and not just at the seams.Then when dad decided to move both grans to KL and 5 mins away from mom and dad's...things are now unrecognizable. We don't gather as often anymore. Dad and his siblings took turns taking care of both of them so that meant that we see each other less.

I am still proud that my little Daanya had her fair share with her great grandparents. It is pretty obvious that she will not remember their existence in years to come but I hope (in the events that she reads this blog)she knows that she has somehow touched their lives and had loved playing with her when she was little.  I hope that she knows that they had always came to see her whenever they missed her and her antics.

It is now to focus on the present and move on...and hoping to rely on  the fond memories of the past with much hope that these will build you and make you stronger!!!Al-Fatihah!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

***Tata 2009, Bienvenue 2010! ***

It was a year just like any other years prior....funny how I always manage to post on this blog at the entry of every new year with much resolution that I will not neglect the blog but will always fail to do so!Can't say that I did not try is just tougher now to be inspired and get into the mood of writing when we spent the entire year being slapped with the "terrible 2" phase!! Yup, 2009 we have officially been smacked and accepted membership into the new reality of temper-tantrums-at-a-new-height, a loud, wild, chatty and highly imaginative domain that belongs to a 2 year old Daanya Ayeesha.  We with much hesitant welcomed embarrassing meltdowns in public, a screaming toddler demanding her fair (rather unfair) share of attention, constant mood swings which always is in the red alert boiling mode,it's my-way-or-the-highway attitude. Due to that, time-outs are more frequent and mummy and daddy melt downs occurred once or twice (ceh, what an understatement!).Oh well...guess we will just have to wait till this phase wears itself out...will it? *cross fingers* They say that 3 is the new 2...huwaaaa I am terrified of what is to come when that comes...she turns 3 in 2 months and the phase doesn't look like it is going away anytime soon!!!

It hasn't all been negative though..."her majesty" does have some antics that put smiles on our faces and made us proud too...her vocabulary is much more stronger now so she makes sure she utilizes them...she gets away with "I don't trust daddy" or "daddy protect Daanya Eesha" or "mummy kiss Daanya and I become frog and then mummy kiss Daanya again then I can say I'm back!!!" those moments really makes you feel that you have done something right!!!She is much struggling to find her own independence now very much to our dismay...guess we should learn to let go 2 she would prefer to wash and clean herself in the shower (she just upgraded herself to mummy and daddy's toilet privileges).

The coming months in 2010 will also see us hopefully moving into our newly acquired home. Alhamdulillah with God's will we were able to purchase a new home and as if the timing could not be any better, after the purchase we found out of the pregnancy. Rezeki anak! hehe...honestly we will be paying through our noses for this purchase but with the baby coming the extra space would do us wonders and we bought this house in anticipation for the hopes that we do not see ourselves upgrading anymore anytime soon...the house is meant for the kids (how ever many we will end up having) and we have to take account their future and the prospects of this house serving them in the future....hence, the purchase!And also as if the timing could be better, we managed to sell our current house just in the nick of time!I am so thankful that I cannot ask for better!The Almighty has made everything so smooth sailing so far and the timing of all events is so perfect...Alhamdulillah!

2009 witnessed me walking gracefully (hopefully!) into the 3 series.Older and wiser, I do pray...I cannot ask for more being 30 and have a lovely husband and daughter with one on the way and all that we have achieved...perfect! cannot be better!!But I do always pray that I would always be under His watch and wish for the best for everybody in the family!

So there!A lot of anticipation to look forward to in 2010.  I resolved before that the years I do get pregnant my resolution that year would be just to focus on being healthy and focusing on the arrivalaside from working on the new house and know, making it a home and nesting! welcome 2010, I am looking forward to what you can present to us! and once after the arrival to concentrate on balancing it that will be the main focus for the year 2010...