Friday, January 29, 2010

***O' wishlist!!!***

Since January began, we have been cracking our heads thinking of layout designs and decor for the new house.  It is tougher this time around cause we finally found an empty house and finally able to put our own touches onto the house.  Unlike this present one that we purchased where everything had been there we only needed to move in with a couple of essentials, our clothes and ourselves!!hehe.  We purchased this present house thinking that it was perfect since we got it when we got engaged and at that point in time it was a worthy purchase considering we were just starting out in life.  Now almost 5 years into our lives together with a 3 year old toddler in tow and one in the oven, we thought it was perfect timing to look further into the future.

The new purchase right now is like a blank canvas. I have all these ideas and I very much wish that I can have the best of everything!!!Eversince the purchase, I have been collecting all sorts of inspirations with so much hope and anticipation that I am able to imprint them into our new house.  Let me share with you some of those ideas and hopefully with my fingers crossed we are able to somehow have some sort of the same...


Amy said...

Hey, tak tau pun you pregnant. Ni baru nak baca blog you. Congrats!

Fini said...

Thanks Amy...hehehe pandai tak I simpan rahsia??? hehehe wanted to keep it hush hush until the time is right!

Eikha said...

Kenny so pretty!! (:

BabyBooned said...

good gosh! i havent been blog-surfing in ages. didnt even know u were pregnant! CONGRATSssSs!!! (lembab betol, eh?!) let us know when u give birth, okdokes?!

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