Monday, July 30, 2007

***Daanya @ 4 months***

Daanya has grown so tremendously since the last month. Her 3rd month she weighed at 6.8 kgs now in her 4th she weighs at 7.6kgs. No wonder mommy feels a pang of backache while putting you to sleep. She has also developed so well...still eager to acquire new skills just to kindle her own expanding intelligence. I look at her everyday and felt so blessed to have her and to watch her. I love to watch her sleep especially when she does her helicopter manoeuvres as though her cot is not a big enough space for her to move around in. In the end mommy and daddy end up placing her in between us so that she can have all the space she needs only to find out that with us she does not even move a muscle of her position. Cheeky I tell to console ourselves we came to the conclusion that probably she misses us and need to feel our warmth bla bla bla....hahahhahahaha perasan is what mommy and daddy has become!!! So peaceful and relaxed is what she is like when she sleeps. And everytime the same thought goes through my mind "I love this little girl so so much that there are just no words. Mommy would do anything for you Daanya just anything".

This time around we took her to Tok Sha and Tok Papa's family friend, Dr. Yap for her 4 month jab. She was such a good girl...only cried when the needle went in and stopped when the needle was out. Then she only concentrated on the hanging mobiles on Dr. Yap's ceiling. It was a mobile of a wooden bird in which we can tug its string to flap the bird's wings...very very captivating even for mommy."This would go well hanging from our pergola wood at our porch overlooking mommy's garden patch so eye-catching for Daanya, perfect!". He said he got it in Thailand....anybody heading for Thailand???? I really nak pesan!Anyway....he measured he height in which he concluded that Daanya is well above average at 63cm...he even took out this whole graph chart book thingy. Impressive! However, Daanya is a bit overweight when compared to her height. But nothing to be worried about, he says...she will soon shed the weight when she is more active. Very kay-po! (is that how you spell it?)hahhahha he calls Daanya...hahahha.As he talks and explains Daanya would just stare at him and when we ask questions she would then turn to us and then him again....hahahha that's why lar kay-po....hahhahaha. Dr. Yap also mentions that that is a good sign that she is attentive and very curious of her surroundings until the point where she got tired of just paying attention and let out a loud "haihhh" hehhehehehe probably fed up that people are not focusing on her and not talking to her.hahhahaha that was a good, Doc also recommended for us to keep on stimulating her intelligence and not waste it...especially when she is "jendul" front and back!hahahhahaha...(Wo, I so remember our jen jen story!!!One of my besties, wo, named her cat jen which I thought was short for jenny/jennifer/jenet??? but instead it was short of jendul cause her cat is actually jendul!!!hahahhahaha you just had to be there!)

Doc also told us that we can start her on rice cereals now if we want to. But we figured that she is doing so well with her formula why chance it...We'll just wait till she's probably 1...but mommy and daddy will see if Daanya is receptive at that point. But definitely this first 12 months we will just stick to formula where all the vitamins and minerals and nourishment are adequately provided. As it is she is already taking 7-8 oz of Doc said no problem...formula is sufficient for the first 2 years. So that was a productive time at the clinic. Rather informative. Plus the whole thing was free...including the jab....hehehhehehehe bless you Dr. Yap....

Daanya's other milestone development include rolling over.She would roll and roll and roll left and right...hehhhehehe so cute...but sometimes so dangerous!She would sometimes place her hand at her side not placed correctly in front of her and if she would turn over she would probably sprain it.

Oh, she is teething as well....hehheehe...a cute little white tooth on her bottom jaw on the way.No wonder she is salivating excessively not only that everything that she grabs she needs to put in her mouth including mommy's and daddy's hands. Gosh she loves her teether...The whole thing just "plop" in her mouth and bite bite away.

She is also even more curious now...she's just got to touch everything she has interest in. She has a knack for artsy things like paintings, ayat-ayat quran even motifs on a cushion cover. Does this indicate anything?To a point that she will roll and roll and roll to get to those things she has her eyes on.And ooh can she talk now...she will make all possible noises exercising her lungs away. One very significant one is when she would what I call the sound of the siren. She would go "hmmmmm" in loud and soft volume alternately...loud and soft loud and soft....hehheheheh so funny i tell you that she too would amuse herself and laugh...hahhahhaha. She also loves looking at herself in the mirror...funnily she finds that amusing too. One look at her own reflection in the mirror and she would laugh away.

Amongst other developments mommy noticed is the "swimming" action. While on her tummy and want to get to something of focus she would do this swimming action where she does the freestyle while being supported by only her tummy. Yup all legs and hands actually in motion. She does this probably thinking she is moving towards the object of focus but in reality she did not move an inch...hhahahhaha then she would get so frustrated and cry...hahahhahaha. She actually did the combat movement then she just stopped doing that probably because she would get so exhausted. But with that combat movement she was able to reach for her teddy or teether or anything in focus. Now she just does the freestyle...

All in all mommy is so proud of her achievements to date. She is so very eager to learn and somehow acquiring all skills at one go...Mommy cannot wait for her to be able to sit herself down so that mommy can buy that baby chair mommy's been eyeing from Graco....hehhehehe or even for daddy to get that recaro baby chair for his Impreza which mommy thinks that the Recaro would just always end up in mommy's car instead.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


"Someone once said; 'It’s the good girls who keep diaries. The bad girls never have the time. Me… I just wanna live a life I’m gonna remember. Even if I don’t write it down.'"

It has been a while since I've logged on and publish any kinds of updates to my on-goings since the surgery. Maybe a short highlight is sufficient. But knowing me it will never me short!!! :P

Where do I begin??? Ok, let's start from after the surgery.....It was PAIN PAIN PAIN all the way!!!!It was so unbearable....I was furious...fumed with anger....this time everything was even more limited...Only soft diet...difficulty going to the toilet for no.1 even worse for
no.2...walking was such a torture!!!...bathing???urghhh don't need to go there and then there is the ikan haruan soup, yuck!!!All in all total pain...hated every minute of the recovery, literally!!!....Most of all I hated the part where I cannot be fully taking care of Daanya. This include not being able to give her her bottle and that instantly means she sleeps with nenek and atok at night (this was when we spent the first week post-op there). I was terrified that she would not even recognize me. But luckily enough that did not happen. Is it true that babies never forget their mommy? I do hope so...especially when I have to go to work soon....arrghhhh...hate the thought...

Well, anyway...
I put up a brave front and was so determined to get better for Daanya's sake. I endeavoured the ikan haruan soup and tonic every single day...double yuck!!Until Daanya's Tok Papa gave me this Gamat Jelly to try...major difference...I felt so much stronger and noticed that my wound was drying up beautifully. I only had to deal with the soreness internally...according to Dr. Siti the stitches inside may need some time to recover. Had my last follow-up check up with her last Wednesday and she warned me of not getting myself pregnant for at least a year....hahhahaha i thought that was hilarious. She mentioned about prevention methods and all...segan giler!!! Anyway, she was concerned that should I do get pregnant, the pregnancy may cause the would inside to extend therefore making it not able to heal properly.Don't worry Doc, not planning to get preggie anytime soon...and those preventive measures..we'll definitely bare in mind (right yang????) :P

Now 36 days (as of 16/7/2007) post op...still dealing with the soreness and the latest development is itchiness!!!huwaaaa...horrible...i want to scratch and scratch the place where my wound is on my tummy....Hazmy said that means its healing...but it is so unbearably itchy!
Other than that I start work today, so all mixed feelings lar. Daanya is at Tok Papa and Tok Sha's place. They came early this morning to pick her 7am...hard to let go but I know she will be safe and in good hands...

Ok more updates and highlights...Hazmy celebrated his 28th birthday last 29th June...I was so worried that this year I could not get him the birthday he deserved (especially after all that moving and transporting, really appreciate
it yang, love u!) moreover with my condition...but this time I was very lucky that Mama was not as strict as the time during total discomfort Daanya's Uncle Adik and I drove to Lorenzo Kelana Jaya and got Hazmy what I thought was appropriate...a recliner!!! Tadaaaaa!!!hehehhehe....since it was on 50% discount, I immediately purchased it though what it meant was I would be "kering" for the month...but it was long as it puts a smile on my the recliner came on "the day" when Hazmy was at work. (Thank you Z for komploting with me) and had wrapped a big nice red ribbon on it and placed his birthday card as well as Daanya's card to daddy on the was perfectly set right in front of our tv...Cun! Then in the evening we went to get ice cream cake and planned for his mom and sis as well as my family to come over to celebrate.It was all good...a new baby, new house, new beginnings! (was that what you wished for hun?)

Oh, did I mentioned? We've moved out of my dad's apartment into our own home. Finally, our own little pad...I think that it is just perfect for the 3 of us. Only objective now is to make it more cozy for us to live in...alot of repairs to be done and all...but slowly we'll do just that. I've taken an interest for gardening now that we have a small little garden...went to Sg Buloh with MIL and SIL and had spent 100 bucks and brought back so many...A definite good deals there!!! Did some planting and so far it looks good...just a little more planning and new patches of grass...should do me proud!What is important is that I want to make the house a comfort zone, beautify it that it becomes our own retreat and a place we can call sanctuary...*sigh*

Now the most important highlight for the month of June 2007 is my little Daanya. As of 23rd June, she turned 3 months. Weighed at 6.8kgs on her 3rd month check up and as usual got her jab... on the butt this time...cried for a while but was laughing and smiling after. Comel!She has managed to turn over or rather roll over and when she's on her tummy she was able to coordinate herself and lift her little buttocks and push herself forward....what a sight!!! I was and still am so proud of her...She is more inquisitive now...observing her environment...and now able to recognize unfamiliar face and that is it...she would make that sad soapy face and cry....awwwww!!! It feels so exhilarating to watch them grown and develop right before your eyes...Mommy loves you to bits sweetie pie!

Basically that is that for June....hmmmm on that note...I do hope and pray for new beginnings. A life not pretentious...a life that we can lead and call our own...Tok papa and tok Sha adviced yesterday that we should lead our lives and not be afraid to make decisions. because that is how we is ok to make mistakes...most of all everything that we do now,any decisions that we make should be focussed on Daanya, her well-being and safety...very wise, I thought!

***A Tag for Charity***

I've been tagged yet again by BabyBoon. Since alot has been going on and a non-active Internet connection at the new house, took me quite a while to log-on even go online. But anyways, here's one for charity....

The meme is about completing at least seventeen out of the following twenty seven sentences........

1. A person is only as good as ... his intentions. Beware of those sweet talkers whose hearts are never pure and always with the most insincere intentions. These are the dangerous kinds!!!

2. Friendship is always ... about understanding and always being there for one another although you never get to see each other often.

3. To love is to ... accept the LOUD snoring orchestra sound he makes when you are trying to catch up on your sleep. Buat pekak je!!! hahahhaha….Seriously, to love is to sacrifice your needs for the happiness and benefits of your loved ones.

4. Money makes me ... feel secured. Call me material but that is the harsh reality…Actually to think about it, “My money makes me feel secured”….Just the thought that there is back up should anything happens…..**touchwood**

5. I miss ... those carefree days where I can just start the car and go wherever, whenever I want. Now, to go anywhere I have to bring baby Daanya with me and packing for her means cleaning up her entire wardrobe so in the end I wait till the weekend where Hazmy can come along with much hesitation. Too bad!!!! Hahahha.

6. My way of saying I care... is to always be there for the person in need.

7. I try to spread love and happiness ... by always seeing the brighter side of things and believing that everything happens for a reason…so therefore I stay positive. Cewahhh!!!

8. Pick the flowers when ... ????? how is this relevant?????

9. To love someone is to ... “you don’t know what is like, baby you don’t know what it’s like, to love somebody, to love somebody, the way I love you” It’s a Michael Bolton!!! To love someone is to love and treat them the way they deserved to be loved, exactly the way you want to be loved!!!

10. Beauty is ... when your external exhibit the purest of your internals…sounds dirty… hahhaha let me try to rephrase….when you have the sincerest of intentions and a heart so pure that your actions reflect on that….either that or Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie = Shiloh Nouvell….pergggghhhh lawa giler!!!

11. When I was thirteen, what I remember ... was my awkward phase!!!

12. When I was twenty one, I remember ... thinking “Gosh, I’m in my early 20s” actually, I do that until today…only that the early dah tukar to late….but lately it has been more of “Gee, I am gonna be 30 soon” huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

13. I am most happy when... I get the chance to have my hubby and baby all to myself during a long deserving vacation!!! *hint hint* “I hear Melbourne calling!!!”””

14. Nothing makes me happier than husband telling me he loves me and never miss kissing me goodnight every night and also seeing Daanya smile when she sees mommy.

15. If I can change one thing, I will change ... a regretful event in the past that made me lose my best friend for 7 years. But I am glad we found the path to reunite. I will never take our friendship for granted this time ever!!!

16. If smiles were money, I would probably be a gazilionaire by now!!!

17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could ... see what is lying ahead so that we can avoid mistakes and take precautions.

18. If you want to have things done your way.. DO IT YOURSELF!!! Hello!!!!No brainer lar this one!!!

19. Money is not everything...but it is something!!! Without it we would be miserable creatures!

20. The most touching moments I have experienced is .... when hubby worked repairing and servicing cars aside from his permanent job just to save enough money to marry me!!!and also to get me the tagheuer for my one of my hantarans.

21. I smile when... I rekindle back to the times when hubby and I were courting.

22. When I am happy, I ... will never allow anything to spoil the feeling.

23. If only I don't have to work.. ahhhh the day Hazmy becomes a gazillionaire!!!Then I would probably me a soccer mom or a driver for my children.

24. The best thing I did yesterday was ... spending the day at home with Daanya and later in the evening with both Daanya and hubby at home just the three of us!!!Ahhhhh such bliss!!!A dream come true!

25. If I ever write a [cooking] book, I will give it this title; “Recipes from a clueless to a clueless” hahahahaha kesiannya siapa yang beli!!!

26. One thing I must do before I die is ... face my fear of heights!

27. Doing this meme, I feel ...that I’ve opened Pandora’s Box….hahhahaha no lar.actually it makes me feel sleepy…”what??? It took me 2 hours to answer all this???”Almost 2 a.m…tido tido!!!!!!

Here goes the passing of the baton:
- Patricia
- Rynn

Haiyaaa...need to get to know more bloggers lar!!!

The rule:
If you are tagged, you need to write an entry related to the meme. At the end of your entry you just need to tag as many person as you like. You will then leave a comment in their blog to let them know they have been tagged. And to include this message, "By doing this meme you are contributing rm127 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage". Then please copy and paste this rule somewhere in your entry.