Monday, July 02, 2012

***A year older and wiser X 2***

Princess M turned 2, on June 16.  I remember it all like it was yesterday. The day she was born, the year that followed and now a year after that!  She is such a sight for sore eyes.  Slowly coming into her own, developing her own personality and letting us discover every new characteristic at each new milestone.

As tradition would have it, we celebrated Princess M's 2nd birthday with family.  It was fun where both families, mine and hub's contributed with the spread.  Hubs wanted our favorite rice dishes and immediately we knew what we wanted each family to bring and have a potluck going.  It is always good to have family around us and have the girls bond with them.

Best of all, the day was focussed on M.  She didn't know what was going on but noticed that the house was getting done up with birthday banners hung and mummy and daddy busy getting things done and rearranging things.  Of course we kept on singing the 'Happy Birthday' song to her but she would counter with singing the same song but it would be for me, daddy or her sister except her.

So, when the time came and everybody sang for her she got so embarrassed and ended up blowing her candle before cue.  So everybody sang again but this time she was too embarrassed to blow the candle again.  

Both my girls had fun though, my bestie came with her son, D and of course the girls were occupied with D and hopefully he had fun too!  I lost track on what was going on everywhere as I had to constantly make sure that everything was ok but I knew that was a make-up session going on with Daan as the make-up consultant.  

M opened her presents at the end and there were some surprises like a 7ft bouncy castle which really puzzled us as we had to figure out when and where would we inflate such a thing in our house??? So thanks lil bro, you meant well I know, but maybe we'll wait for you to purchase your house with a big compound and girls can have sleepovers and jump their sugars off on the bouncy castle.

We had fun, it was a lovely day!  We can't thank family enough! We love them to pieces and thankful that our girls have such wonderful and loving people surrounding them.


Hub's birthday falls on the same month as M.  13 days later to be exact!  I remember when we learned M's EDD and we were really hoping that she would make her entrance as near as possible to her daddy's birthday. Of course it didn't happen.  Anyway, hubs always wanted a simple celebration.  He had always preferred that his birthday is celebrated just us; me and him with the girls.  He had planned that we ate out for dinner but so happened that it was a Friday, and I don't think he wants to face the jam especially at the time he usually comes back from work.  

So, I thought it would be practical to just cook an extra special dinner, have a cake and invited his good friend to join us. A close intimate affair.  He came back from work and was surprised that I had everything all set up.  It was such an exhausting day!  I cooked up a storm from morning and managed to meet up with good friends for an hour over tea at the place where I got the cake.  Actually, I wanted to get cake and they accompanied me only we all came separately.  But, they are such good support! 

Again, my girls had another opportunity to blow candles and sing Happy Birthday. So they did. Hubs had them blow the candles and cut the cake. Which was very sweet by the way!  

I was a happy mummy! My home cooked meal was very well received and my girls finished their plates and the rest of the dishes were cleaned out too! Yeay!!

I love my little family. Of course tempers flare sometimes but I could never imagine my life without them. 

Yaya, mummy loves you with all my heart!  You have never failed to make me smile at your quirky ways.  You have this charm that would melt hearts.  Your laid back ways amazes me all the time, how you always laugh at everything which shows me that you have this positive outlook on things.  You have taught me a lot this 2 years already and I am proud so proud of you.  Like Daan, we promise to give you the best cause you too deserve the best.  I love you my Little Miss Misunderstood!

Sayang, I am so proud of you.  You have sacrificed so much for us and continue to strive to give us the best.  We love you, I love you.  Thank you for everything.  Like I said, you have taught me the meaning of commitment and dedication towards having a healthy and happy family.  Happy Birthday, my one true love!