Wednesday, November 04, 2009

***On Cloud 9***

It is a rainy evening. I am here in the office supposedly to attempt unresolved work and tasks.My mp3 player running songs of yesterdays made my attention wander.I love rainy days...wishing that instantly I could have a portal that would tele-port me straight home and onto my bed where I imagine laying down and watching my favorite romantic comedies.I know what wishful thinking that could be.  Instead I look back and reflect on how things in my life has turned out in the past months.  The direction of my life has somehow looked up and I realized how lucky and fortunate I actually am. I have family and dear dear friends who cares a lot about my well being and are always there when I need them and hope that I too have been equally reciprocal. I have a beautiful daughter and such a loving husband. Only these matter right now.  I have these all in tact and I am so thankful.

Lately, we have been so blessed. Things that we plan for the year has so far turned out with positive outcomes.  I am elated with what promises us in the year to come due to all that is achieved this year.  Hopefully next year we are able to celebrate our triumph as opposed to all the patience and refrains we had to put ourselves through this year. 

Of course there are still unresolved issues but those dark patches I really don't want to bother myself with right now as for me being happy in my private personal life is much more worth. Worth all the happiness in the world. Life does go on indeed but if you have such wonderful family and friends paired with all their support and love those dark patches are certainly bearable.  I just need to look at things from a different perspective and find the positive.  I sound like a self-help book...let's just see how this streak of delight would last...but so far so good.***Crossing fingers***