Monday, October 17, 2005

**A tribute to Ozzy**

After 6 long years, he left us last Monday,10th October 2005. He was given to me as a birthday present and he was a little angel then just as he had been his whole life. Ozzy was the most obedient, the most lovable cat any person would ever seek for. He was such an angel, what I can say...Never once did he want to be of any trouble to any of us. He even died without wanting us getting worried about him, without a peep of pain, just silence. Ozzy, if you asked me, whether you have served your purpose in life, I would say "More than that". You have brought me joy just knowing you are happy and fully bloated with the amount of food we give you :P. I will never forget you neither will it be too soon for me to find your replacement. I want to treasure you in my heart and save that space forever for you. Mummy and daddy loves you...we tried to give you everything to our best of abilities and we hope that that will forever be enough. I am proud of the life you grew up to become. Forever you, Ozzy!!