Monday, July 30, 2007

***Daanya @ 4 months***

Daanya has grown so tremendously since the last month. Her 3rd month she weighed at 6.8 kgs now in her 4th she weighs at 7.6kgs. No wonder mommy feels a pang of backache while putting you to sleep. She has also developed so well...still eager to acquire new skills just to kindle her own expanding intelligence. I look at her everyday and felt so blessed to have her and to watch her. I love to watch her sleep especially when she does her helicopter manoeuvres as though her cot is not a big enough space for her to move around in. In the end mommy and daddy end up placing her in between us so that she can have all the space she needs only to find out that with us she does not even move a muscle of her position. Cheeky I tell to console ourselves we came to the conclusion that probably she misses us and need to feel our warmth bla bla bla....hahahhahahaha perasan is what mommy and daddy has become!!! So peaceful and relaxed is what she is like when she sleeps. And everytime the same thought goes through my mind "I love this little girl so so much that there are just no words. Mommy would do anything for you Daanya just anything".

This time around we took her to Tok Sha and Tok Papa's family friend, Dr. Yap for her 4 month jab. She was such a good girl...only cried when the needle went in and stopped when the needle was out. Then she only concentrated on the hanging mobiles on Dr. Yap's ceiling. It was a mobile of a wooden bird in which we can tug its string to flap the bird's wings...very very captivating even for mommy."This would go well hanging from our pergola wood at our porch overlooking mommy's garden patch so eye-catching for Daanya, perfect!". He said he got it in Thailand....anybody heading for Thailand???? I really nak pesan!Anyway....he measured he height in which he concluded that Daanya is well above average at 63cm...he even took out this whole graph chart book thingy. Impressive! However, Daanya is a bit overweight when compared to her height. But nothing to be worried about, he says...she will soon shed the weight when she is more active. Very kay-po! (is that how you spell it?)hahhahha he calls Daanya...hahahha.As he talks and explains Daanya would just stare at him and when we ask questions she would then turn to us and then him again....hahahha that's why lar kay-po....hahhahaha. Dr. Yap also mentions that that is a good sign that she is attentive and very curious of her surroundings until the point where she got tired of just paying attention and let out a loud "haihhh" hehhehehehe probably fed up that people are not focusing on her and not talking to her.hahhahaha that was a good, Doc also recommended for us to keep on stimulating her intelligence and not waste it...especially when she is "jendul" front and back!hahahhahaha...(Wo, I so remember our jen jen story!!!One of my besties, wo, named her cat jen which I thought was short for jenny/jennifer/jenet??? but instead it was short of jendul cause her cat is actually jendul!!!hahahhahaha you just had to be there!)

Doc also told us that we can start her on rice cereals now if we want to. But we figured that she is doing so well with her formula why chance it...We'll just wait till she's probably 1...but mommy and daddy will see if Daanya is receptive at that point. But definitely this first 12 months we will just stick to formula where all the vitamins and minerals and nourishment are adequately provided. As it is she is already taking 7-8 oz of Doc said no problem...formula is sufficient for the first 2 years. So that was a productive time at the clinic. Rather informative. Plus the whole thing was free...including the jab....hehehhehehehe bless you Dr. Yap....

Daanya's other milestone development include rolling over.She would roll and roll and roll left and right...hehhhehehe so cute...but sometimes so dangerous!She would sometimes place her hand at her side not placed correctly in front of her and if she would turn over she would probably sprain it.

Oh, she is teething as well....hehheehe...a cute little white tooth on her bottom jaw on the way.No wonder she is salivating excessively not only that everything that she grabs she needs to put in her mouth including mommy's and daddy's hands. Gosh she loves her teether...The whole thing just "plop" in her mouth and bite bite away.

She is also even more curious now...she's just got to touch everything she has interest in. She has a knack for artsy things like paintings, ayat-ayat quran even motifs on a cushion cover. Does this indicate anything?To a point that she will roll and roll and roll to get to those things she has her eyes on.And ooh can she talk now...she will make all possible noises exercising her lungs away. One very significant one is when she would what I call the sound of the siren. She would go "hmmmmm" in loud and soft volume alternately...loud and soft loud and soft....hehheheheh so funny i tell you that she too would amuse herself and laugh...hahhahhaha. She also loves looking at herself in the mirror...funnily she finds that amusing too. One look at her own reflection in the mirror and she would laugh away.

Amongst other developments mommy noticed is the "swimming" action. While on her tummy and want to get to something of focus she would do this swimming action where she does the freestyle while being supported by only her tummy. Yup all legs and hands actually in motion. She does this probably thinking she is moving towards the object of focus but in reality she did not move an inch...hhahahhaha then she would get so frustrated and cry...hahahhahaha. She actually did the combat movement then she just stopped doing that probably because she would get so exhausted. But with that combat movement she was able to reach for her teddy or teether or anything in focus. Now she just does the freestyle...

All in all mommy is so proud of her achievements to date. She is so very eager to learn and somehow acquiring all skills at one go...Mommy cannot wait for her to be able to sit herself down so that mommy can buy that baby chair mommy's been eyeing from Graco....hehhehehe or even for daddy to get that recaro baby chair for his Impreza which mommy thinks that the Recaro would just always end up in mommy's car instead.