Sunday, April 06, 2008

***Turning 1 and every thing nice***

Alhamdulillah, syukur...DAANYA AYEESHA IS NOW 1...which also means to say that mummy is also a year hoo :( I simply cannot even begin to comprehend how fast time flies and how grown she has become. I kind of have been dreading the days to her birthday...I think it is mostly because I am in denial. I want her to stay helpless as she were the few months after she presented herself to the world. I want her to cry for me and needing me regardless whether it is for feeding or comfort. I want to remember her as tiny as she was before, not being able to navigate herself anywhere...always craving for some attention...I loved it when aimlessly and the silliest we have ever been, we would try to make her laugh back then and always always she would give us a smile or laugh in return...I also loved it when we would change her diaper and she would not squirm or be cranky...***sigh*** I so wish that I can have those moments back...she basically has a mind of her own now...she gets cranky and moody when she wants to be, she can be clingy, loving and manja when she wants to be...she would play with her toys on her own and get very territorial probably because we are invading her "me" she naps and sleeps whenever she feels like it...hoo boy there can never be telling her what to do...she only wants to eat when she wants to..everytime we hear a "mamam" means she is ready for her rice cereal or porridge or whatever...queen bee i tell you....she practically runs the show around the house...

I guess it is the same for anyone especially mommies out there to just let go...I harp on things of the past not because I do not want her to grow and progress but probably because everything is just going by too fast and it
is difficult to keep up with her. Call me overprotective but it feels as though my sweetheart will soon not want her mummy around anymore...:( now I know why our mothers were always on our backs...***sigh***

Anyway, don't want to be a cry baby about her turning 1...guess one would just have to deal with it and see the other side of the perspective. In turn I will try to be the very best that I can be for her and would always be there for her for all her ups and downs, Insya Allah.

Ok, back to the topic at hand...queen bee's birthday..hahhahaha...months of planning were put into throwing her first birthday party. Juggled a lot of issues pertaining to how we would celebrate her very first birthday...should the party be small with just family members, or should we add best friends to the list and also not forgetting acquaintances...should it be at our place or our parents'?, what food to serve, and many many more...basically we wanted it to be special - a day to remember - a day where we can look back and tell her all about the guest list included people that played a role in bringing her to the world...people that we connected to in more way than one the past year, people that knew her and people that we wanted her to of course that included family and some of our dearest dearest friends. All of them turned up and am so grateful that they did to celebrate with us. There were some who could not make it, we had you in spirit..most of all my bestie, Patricia who left for Melbourne to follow her hubby for a whole year...though I really wanted you to be there...but I understand and thank you so much for your support all the years and especially the past 2 years, while I was pregnant and after..I know it was hard for you but never doubt that you were always and will always be one of the greatest support system for me and hopefully for Daanya as well and vice versa..especially now that you are expecting...I hope that our children will also remain close....***crossing fingers*** . To those who made it...thank you thank you so much for making your presence so that we would be able to let her know that these people matters to us...Aunty Nurul (aka Wo), Aunty Izzy, Aunty Lynn and Uncle Pak Shah, Papa Karim, Uncle Beads, Aunty Tina (aka Sam) and Uncle Pyan, Aunty Rynn and Uncle Nik, Aunty Nina and Uncle Hafiz,Aunty Aimi, Aunty Eryl, Uncle Ji, Uncle Efny, Uncle Arab,Aunty Zai and Uncle Andi...thank you so much for your support. Not forgetting the little ones that came, Abang Gibran, Abang Adam...hehhehe hope that they will be mates growing up.

Acknowledgments are in order for family members who contributed to the party...Atuk K (for the contribution to Daanya's savings...hehhehehe rest assured it is being invested in hopes for hefty returns and also her birthday dress, though later she had to change cause she spilled bubble foam all over it!!!) Opah (aka Hazmy's mom for the laksa and also the contribution to Daanya's savings...hehhehehe), Nenek (my mom - for whatever else food that was on the food table, thank you so much, I couldn't have handled it all, honestly!), Aunty Manja, Uncle Adik, Uncle Joe for the wonderful but too expensive presents...aunty manja..thanks for the help in decorations...Aunty Lynn (hazmy's sis) - thanks for making sure that everything was in order and mainly for taking care of Daanya in preparation of the day of the party...thank you for making sure that she takes a nap before the party so that she won't get cranky...Atuk Jo (hazmy's mom's husband) for your share in her present...

Ok not to digress, much thought were put into the party. All of us woke up early that morning to put the decorations in place. Alot of running and rushing around. Perspiring all of the time. Lucky we had set the time of the party at 3...12 o'clock would've been a lost cause for us.Daanya was probably wondering what is all the fuss about...she was so active the whole morning probably wanting to lend a hand. Especially in bursting all of the balloons :p. The tables and chairs came days before and I got those Disney table cloth to place on top of the table covers given by the contractor. I thought it was a good touch...Easy and reusable. Then came the balloons..helium ones (so that children could bring them home with them) as well as the decorative ones that I had pre-ordered. Also got the Elmo Airwalker to commemorate Daanya's love for the character. Then the main course...the was perfect and such a big hit with our guests...Alhamdulillah, money well spent!

I had ordered an Elmo birthday cake for Daanya and Izyan (Jo's gf) had also ordered pretty mini cupcakes for Daanya and had blown candles for both. Blowing the candles on her birthday cake with her was one moment I don't think I will ever forget...

All in all, I thought that it was a success.Something to remember and keep in our memoirs and hopefully when she is old enough to understand, I could tell her all about it.

I want you to know that mummy loves you very much. You are my heart and soul. The pride of my life. One look at you and my troubles melt away. The stresses that I face each day means nothing compared to the time that I spend with you. Mummy is so proud of you and promise you the world to the best of my abilities. I want you to acknowledge that I am only human and there will be times when you will feel the consequences of mummy's and daddy's bad decisions but let me assure you that we will be the strongest people for you to lean against and can alway turn to us for anything and everything. I love you sayang. Mummy's baby girl.