Friday, August 21, 2009

***Welcome Ramadhan - Happy Fasting!***

Here's wishing a fruitful and blessed Ramadhan to all Muslims - family, loved ones and friends. This year I am anticipating a Ramadhan different from last year. Daanya was just 1 and not comparably active as she is now that she is 2. Last year, put Barney on and prop her in front of the TV, she is good to go. This year would definitely be different as she is more as I said active, talkative, DEMANDING!! Heck, she probably wants to "buka puasa" too...However it is, every year would definitely be something different and something worth remembering. I would see it too as a milestone to see where she is in her development...hehehhe...somehow this year, I am anxious for Ramadhan's arrival. Probably of what I have in mind in hopes of achieving. Hopefully I fulfill it as part of my KPI this year. InshaAllah.