Friday, May 25, 2007

***The Meaning of Daanya Ayeesha***

"IDA Scott Taylor wrote: 'Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone, and do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.'"

Wow!!!This tag really got me rekindling the amount of time we took to explore our options and decide on a very suitable name for our baby...As I recall...we started thinking of names for our baby as soon as we know for sure that we were pregnant...I think that was when I was in my 5th week of pregnancy. So many names, so many options...which to choose?I wanted the name to be perfect...At first, if it was a boy, then Hazmy's second name Hazeman would definitely be the choice for the baby's second name...a name that he too would pass down to his boys.hehehhehe berangan!!!Then we thought if it was a girl then what??? Hazmy said to maintain my 2nd name if it was a girl...I thought that would be cool since it is a classic name and we hardly have that anymore now...So there we go thinking and reading and surfing for the perfect Muslim name four our baby. Consequently, from the search, we derive about 3 choices for a baby boy ...they were such nice names...somehow we could not come up with a perfect girl's name...which I thought was really funny because there are so many girl names to choose from but nothing appealed to us and moreover nothing we found suitable to my 2nd name...then out of nowhere I was thinking to myself that maybe this is a sign that I might be getting a boy...hhahahahahahahahha mental!!!!After months and months of searching and waiting should a girl's name come to us which it did we just left it hanging and settled for the boy's name. At 6 months of pregnancy, we found out it was going to be a girl...I panicked literally!!!Exaggerating you say???Well, I really wanted to start talking to my baby while in the tummy therefore it would only be right that I call it by its name right???but mommy and daddy have not yet found a name for our baby again we played with names and search and finally gave up...nothing was going to go with MEELA!!!!!!except Luffini! hahahahahahahahahahaha. Then I figured, it does not have to have my name but my baby can also have a classic 2nd name just like her mommy.Now that was an idea to toy with, Hazmy and I thought....I thought it was a good idea...after going through many many baby's aunty lulul(nurul) said that there is this Welsh name that she likes Dania (Aunty Lulul is half welsh and here is a picture of Aunty Lulul and Daanya) and I instantly loved it....but I thought it has to have a good meaning in Islam so I went through our abundant amount of books on muslim baby names and found the likes of Daniyah, Daniya, Dania which have different meanings but ones that I particularly am not fond of....(fussy right???)So, we decided to go online and to God's will we found Daanya.Yahoooooo!!!!! From then on we started calling the baby in my tummy Daanya....It's perfect!!!Has a modern feel to it....unique in its own right!

For her second name which we decided that it would be classic. The first name that I thought of was Aisha...but I didn't want it to be so direct and so to the point(just go with me here!!!)and then we thought since Meela has a classic Indian ring to it(hey, I am proud of the name!)we found Ayeesha, which also has an Indian-Bollywood flavor...hahhahaha and best of all it is a Muslim name....Perfect yet again!!!Mind me...they have sweet names there in Bollywood....but it is kind of contradicting lar since both of us have Chinese ancestry.But who cares....So there you go.....our angel's name from that point on was going to be Daanya Ayeesha....though I get annoyed when people pronounce it as Daanya Aishah...hahahhahahaha...

The meaning you ask????Well here goes...I have made the search then at several Muslim websites for baby names...See whether I can link it here.

***Daanya*** - Gift of God, Beautiful (This site was a big help!!!)
***Ayeesha*** - Life,Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous and also Youngest wife of
Prophet Muhammad(S.A
.W). Derived from Aaeesha.

There is also this other website that holds the meaning of Ayeesha in Indian as I mentioned. It states that Ayeesha comes from the Indian word which means, "Unknown."and it also has a numerological meaning that says:

"people with this name tend to be natural leaders, self-sufficient, and ambitious. They generally want to make their own decisions in life and are not afraid to take charge or manage a situation. It is important for them to avoid extremes of bossiness or shyness. They tend to be too impulsive. Professionally, they can be successful in political leadership, celebrity status, or as a small business owner."

Kinda like me!!!!minus the business owner part...huhu!

One more thing, the spelling mattered too!!!hahahhaha you all must think I am CRAYZEH!!!! My name is spelled Luffini Meela...therefore I thought it would be cool for Daanya to have that repetition in letters in her name too, hence Daanya Ayeesha...get it????hahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahaha....

Oh just a note....My dad did come up with variations to baby Daanya's name and asked me to Rania (queen rania????) and zania(like zany???) hahhaha no way!!!though I do think Queen Rania is beautiful!!!

You are right exhausting!!!Just t
o get and find the perfect name!!!Imagine what our parents went through for ours....but in the end, I am proud of the name we chose for her...hopefully the next one would be a brother to her...cause we have pre-chosen baby boy names in stock to pick from. Maybe 6,7 years down the line for the next ker????*angelic smile*
Ok....let me put things straight here...most of the people I know are not yet preggie and some are waiting to burst I am only going to tag one person that I know of whose due date is almost rynn, do it when you already got a name for the little bump ok....

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