Wednesday, October 20, 2010

***Little Miss Misunderstood @ 4 months***

She is my little Miss Misunderstood (LMM)!  She really changed in character!! Why I call her LMM is because of the first two months of her arrival.  I see it now that it wasn't her acting up those 2 months but it was just that she was misunderstood.  Hence the name!

She turned 4 months last 16 Oct.  Ironic how fast time flies when she is at her best behavior as opposed to that first 2 months.  I cannot get enough of her now...she is the light to my fact both of my princesses are...She is such a delight to look at early morning. She welcomes you with a smile instead of tears.  She greets us with her laughter and allow us to enjoy her before actually claiming for her hunger pangs.

At exactly 2 days into her 4th month, she surprised us all by rolling over her tummy.  She is one strong little petite girl. She is able to lift her head while flat on her back and she doesn't like sitting down cause she prefers to stand for some reason. A girl that cannot wait to grow up, I said. She takes in 7oz of milk now and a slow eater just like mummy.  She enjoys her servings just like me...;p She is also my little silent observer...absorbing like a sponge I presume. There is always something that triggers her interest. A sign of intelligence I read.  She easily gets bored and requires constant entertaining.

She naps 2 hours to 3 hours during the day and have slept 6 hours through the night. All these circumstance is of course when she is absolutely full and well fed.  She still have insecurity issues while sleeping and loves it when a familiar face is around her when she sleeps.  She sleeps longer when this condition is met.

I think I have settled with the fact that she is a petite little girl.  It was tough for me to accept at first cause of my high expectations and I do have them still cause I am just made that way...but that doesn't mean I have given up...I still anticipate her being chubby and will look forward to that.

I cannot wait to see what other surprises she has up her sleeves.  So, bring on month five!


BabyBooned said...

aww poor li'l miss misunderstood! so glad to hear u guys are doing wonderfully now :)

Toyin O. said...

She sounds like a wonderful baby:)