Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It was a typical Tuesday morning. Woke up, showered and waited for Daanya to wake up roughly at 7 - 7:30am before Tok Papa comes over and pick her up. At 7:30am sharp she woke up and Tok Papa came. Right on time as per schedule. Daanya left for Tok Papa and Tok Sha's. So I decided to get ready for work. At 8:15am bade goodbye to sayang "muah muah". La di da di da....the song played on the radio.Was listening as usual to Then Priscilla Patrick came on. "An accident right after the Bukit Jelutong toll exit....On lookers adviced to keep on driving" I thought ok maybe not that bad lar must be that usual corner on the ramp up heading to KLIA....Went through the smart tag lane and there it was.......a MASSIVE backlog!!!!Scanned my petrol level indicator thingy....OMG nyawa- nyawa ikan!!! Sempat ke tak ni??? Ok gamble....worse comes to worse call sayang to bring petrol...hehhehehe tahan je lar if I have to stop at the emergency lane....The queue was so bad that we only probably moved an inch a time. *sigh* this must be a fatal one.....crawled and crawled and crawled..Clock says "8:35am"....and I am still here right after the toll....Harummmppphhhh panas!!....Lucky JJ and Rudy was interviewing Mr. Indicator. That cured the boredom and the ke"panas"an....there were moments that I couldn't help the smirk on my face...they were really funny I tell you...still crawling crawling an inch a time.

8:50am - passed the jam....ALAHAIIIIII!!!Bad enough it wasn't fatal...just a GTI that probably knocked God knows what bumper fell on the left corner while the other still in tact...and already moved to the emergency lane....haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa could not help to let out an angry "That's it???" 20 minutes of crawling and that is it????? Priscilla Patrick came back on..."Jam on NKVE after the Bukit Jelutong toll....Onlookers you are causing a backlog all the way to Klang"....Ya Allah!!! So typical of us Malaysian isn't it? Very qay-po....It was no big deal least not to us who are not involved in the actual accident...why do we have this habit to look to a point that even when we've passed the accident our heads are still turned back 180 degrees to see what happened? Some still want to qay-po and look through the rear-view mirror whatever.....So sickening!!!A backlog all the way to Klang is much too much isn't it????? The journey was so clear after that it was so unbelievable!

9:30am - reached office...LAMBAT!!!!though it is not that a big a deal to reach office before10:30am,but still!!!!Had tonnes to finish!!!!

Arrrggghhhhh!!! Something needs to be done larrr.....


JJ said...

Thank You so much for listening. You ROCK