Thursday, September 27, 2007


How could such a repulsive thing happen to you? Why did it happen to you? How can we let it happen to you? Such pain such torture. You were so innocent and so pure. I cannot imagine what you went through...having to go through such an atrocious episode, being played like a rag doll by some BEAST!How could any being get enjoyment and willingly get satisfaction from the pain you endured? How could anyone just let you die without feeling guilty and remorse? What sort of a being are you? She was only a little girl, a little much waiting for her in the future, a human being just like any of us. So many potential just waiting to be discovered? Why do you have to play GOD and write her fate for her?

I cannot help but cry when Hazmy gave me an IM with the link to "The Star" online with the latest update that day saying that the DNA results proved 99.99% that the body was that of Nurin Jazlin. Tears streamed down my face instantaneously. As if on cue.I wanted so bad for it not to be her....especially after what her parents had to go through the first time when they claimed that it was not her body.But as her body was laid to rest, we just have to accept qada n qadar. That first 15 minutes, when TV3's buletin utama showcased the whole "pengkebumian" and recited the Fatihah, we, the whole family was sombre...we remained silent the whole time...

And her parents??? What is it that they felt must be difficult and shattering. What are you supposed to feel when you lose a child and on top of that to have seen her "like that" and to be done "like that"????like a piece of meat...I do not want to comment on her parents actions that led to such an awry end. But I do want to say this, how many times have our parents let us out even to the nearest of destinations like the playground just in front of the house, or a friends' house just blocks away??Of course they never thought that anything bad would happen but that is besides the point...the fact is they sometimes allowed us because they love us....they see us being cooped up at home and sometimes need a breath of fresh air, sometimes need to mingle and make friends and not be left out but most of all...sometimes need to be independent. Probably we were just lucky that nothing bad happened to us?? But who are we to say? Who knows what is written for us? Were Nurins's parents just unlucky?To charge them with negligence??? Are you nuts????Why??? Is it because you have absolutely no leads to the BEAST? Is it because you HAVE to make an arrest that just any arrest will do? If what they did was negligence, were our parents negligent too? Where is the boundary to being negligent?How about those child that were left alone in their apartment and one of them plunged out of the balcony? They were purposely left that age????Come on lar people!! Don't blind us....there is still a MANIAC predator at large.....sometimes I cannot help but totally surrender with the way we handle things? Why is it that our system is so reactive when we hunger so much to be proactive? Why isn't our streets safe anymore? Why is murder, robbery, rape and what other social predicament taking place so explicitly here in our country? What will the future hold for our children and their children's children?

Honestly I get scared now just by being home alone. Let alone for my Daanya. Just a simple mistake by saying "yes" does not guarantee anything anymore. Do I have to make her stay at home all the time under my protective wings? I am so afraid to let her know what a bad bad world it is out there...

Nurin, it was such a wretched way to leave the world, I know...You don't know any better.Your existence and departure has made such an impact to the nation. My heart feels for you and your family especially your parents. I cannot imagine being in their shoes...Nurin, semoga Allah cucuri rahmat ke atas roh mu....Amin. And to Nurin's parents, I hope you carry with you alot of is tough I know, but who am I to say? because I simply don't know. Take it all in stride and believe the hikmah underlying all these. You have my support.


manja said...

jage Daanya baek2. jgn biar die sorang2. (: