Thursday, January 03, 2008

***Escape from Reality***

It was good to get away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life. December 11th-14th was so least by me...a much needed vacation definitely minus Daanya.Sad as I am about leaving her behind, we unanimously agreed that since it was our first time in Bandung and also weighing out the advices that we got from friends and family telling us that it is not a good place to bring baby and what not, Daanya had to stay. She would be in Taman Tun for the whole duration. It was such a painful thing for me leaving her behind. This was a feeling that a huge part of you will be left behind and knowing that fact you start to imagine the worst...all the what-ifs...What if the plane crashed? what if by some chance we cannot get home? what if she gets sick? what is she misses her mummy? what if her mummy misses her?so many what-ifs...The night before leaving her at my parents, I was hit with a pang of guilt for leaving her and instantly regretted the whole idea and was tempted to cancel the whole thing off...huhu :( It was a terrible night...barely slept thinking of her.

At the wee hour of the morning, 11 December, reluctantly both Hazmy and I left for LCCT. I left with the resolution that the main reason for going in the first place is to buy clothes for Daanya and I will do just that.So off to Bandung we went......half-heartedly...:(

We arrived to a military airport with a very short runway...takuttttt...suddenly I had the urge to pee..huwaaaa the horror stories I heard about their public toilet. But at that point I cannot hold it any longer!!! I left Hazmy with the filling-up documents task and it was sad that everybody had to cramp in such a small viccinity to fill up forms...berpeluh jugaklah....ok, back to the "i-have-to-pee" issue...went to the toilet and only had to berserah with the water...they only had a tub with water in which you have to use the ladle(gayung) to wash up and NO tissue!!!! huwaaaaaa...I am going to have to leave you to your imagination of what I had to do after.....huhu :(

Ok, so when all in the airport was settled, our driver was already waiting and off we went to Sukajadi hotel...on the external the hotel was very promoting...but the rooms and toilet and service was a bit on the minus side to my taste la...the first thought after looking at our room, "Nasib baik tak bawak Daanya!" but anyways, I just imagined as though we were back-packing...hahahha..let your imagination run wild!!!! heee yah!

First stop, pasar baru...I went crazy here....all the materials and kain...literally went berzerk!!!In the end, I bought 6 pasang kain, 3 of which is for me and the other 3 is for Hazmy's baju melayu Thank you mummy tedi for your kind assistance and great discounts!!!hahahhahah I spent about 800 000 rupiah here...

Next off the Merdeka factory outlet...went absolutely insane
here as well....many many choices for baby clothings and apparels and cheap...from Carter's, to mothercare, to Osh Kosh, to Guess and many many more.....spent about 500 000 rupiah here....and got soooooo many baju for Daanya.

Last stop for the day, Rumah far my favorite I did not only went insane...I lost my insanity completely ...hhahahahahhaha baby's clothes from the range Esprit, Levi's, Polo, Osh Kosh, Guess, Carter's....actually spent 1 over million rupiah here......

Heritage Factory outlet was also good...not alot of baby clothes but alot of brands like LaCoste, Polo..bought for myself some LaCoste tops and for Hazmy also a LaCoste t-shirt. Here we spent about 300 000 rupiah.

At Solutions Factory Outlet was where I got the Guess Handbag I've always eyed since I first saw it in M
alaysia (MetroJaya, The Curve). In Malaysia, the particular bag cost almost RM600, and of course we got it for RM370 after the rate conversion.Not too shabby for an original kan?
Thanks yang for forking the bill...I was really reluctant at first to get it but Hazmy lagi..hehhehe.

So on and on it went for the days to come..many many more shopping...but the five places above are my absolute favourites by far.

The last day, we went to Tangkuban Perahu.This is where the inactive volcano is.....and it was amazing just to see the smoke from the inactive volcano filling the air and surprised at how cold it actually was...vendors selling key chains and mementos were all so a point that I got really really scared. But we took some nice photos here...

Food wise, we went to some good restaurants that offered Sundanese
favorite was probably Kampung Daun especially for the ambience...we ate in huts accompanied by the presence and sound of the waterfall...beautiful! Of course my favorite will have to be the Padang food..yum yum...we went to a number of places but the one that we went to our final night was the best...but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the restaurant. Oh well....

All and all I had great fun and satisfaction. Especially since I knew that I bought plenty of bajus for Daanya that could last her probably until she's 2. I felt so relaxed and of course what they say is true...Nothing better than retail therapy...hehhehehe..

Of course nothing is more anticipating than going home and see your baby...and when we did, that was the greatest joy, the greatest satisfaction I know what our mums must have felt when they are separated from their children...and I think from here on in...I am never going to leave her behind.......

will post pictures soon!