Thursday, January 03, 2008

***Turning 28 and 2nd year Wedding Anniversary***

I celebrated my birthday last December 31st. It was a very much anticipated and a quiet one. This year I get to commemorate my 28th birthday with my daughter, 9 month old Daanya Ayeesha. So this year it is a bit special and different. I took the day off so that I can spend the day with her and though it was a tiring one (cause she's more active these days and a bit tougher to handle..), I was totally satisfied. We took her to Ikano and The Curve to look for her daddy's anniversary present.

Hazmy has always wanted crocs slippers..and so, I got him his first Crocs. Kesian dia, I bought him flip flops before and now the poor dear would almost slip everytime walking on a slippery/watery surface because the slippers just does not have any grip anymore. So, I was pretty satisfied with my purchase plus it came in a nice Christmas edition paper bag. I did look to see whether they have sizes as small for Daanya but they don't so Daanya will just have to grow faster, so that mummy can get one ya darling?

Me? well, I was blardy shocked when my sis got me my first crocs, together with the clip-on accessories, a nice knee-length quillot (I don't know what you call them but apparently now they are in fashion) and also some nice bangles. This girl I tell you...though I loved her presents and the fact that she really wanted to give me something special but I was so strong with the fact that she should not have spent so much money on me and she should have just saved her money just in case she needs it later. But on the other hand, I did not want to squash her excitement so I just told her not to be too extravagant next time. However, I still love my new crocs....;P

One of my support system aka bestie, Nurul gave me the perfect gift to start my 2008, good enough to motivate me into fulfilling one of my new year's resolution hehehe...a gym ball and a set of weights...yahooooo...sweetie, you are just too much..taktik kotor for calling Manja up and korek rahsia!!!!Anyhooo...I love your present and I still owe you yours since we have not had our meet up...when when???? miss you!!!

Another bestie, sweet Patricia, she gave me a nice black n white dress...i love it so with one of my new years' resolution I will vow to use Nurul's present in order to look good in Pat's present...hehhehehhe. The fit is good sweetie, but I need to trim some of the post-baby flabs so that I can look even better in it...hhehehhehe perasan!!!

Mama and Baba took us all out to dinner..a Japanese dinner but the place that we went to practically sucked so I am not going to mention the name Mama wanted to make it up to me and suggested that we go for hi-tea at Crowne Mutiara and celebrate together with her on her birthday coming 8th Jan. So, that made me feel good...hehhehehe...another opportunity to have dinner together with the fam. I feel that ever since we had Daanya we have not done that enough..My mom has this fear that Daanya will be cranky all the way.......but so far I think her behavior when we have outings to restaurant has been manageable, Thank God!

Saving the best for last...the best birthday present is of course from my dearest Hazmy...first of all for the Solvil Titus watch...I love the fact that he sacrifices for me knowing that I love watches and at every birthday he would give me one watch...but somehow kan sayang, my heart bleeds for that TagHeuer (the one that our maid ran off with, huwaaaaaa). That Tag meant so much to me as it was your hantaran gift...hope that money would fall from the sky for me so that I can replace my lost Tag with a new one...but so far it is not happening!!huhu...but anyway, the titus from you and Daanya was so lovely, I love it...the TGIF dinner was also such a pleasant was a birthday and anniversary and new year's dinner celebration all in one...I loved the idea of Daanya celebrating with us and though it was exhausting just to keep her still in the baby chair provided, it was all good and I take it as is...I could not ask for anything different than to have my 2 favorite people on earth with me.
Lastly sayang, the effort you put in for my "other" present is something out of this world. Of course the scheming and planning with my dad and all made it possible and tangible. The present was really a fantasy come true. I wished for something more comfortable for Daanya and us as a family to travel in and the bigger boot space is such a plus!!! *hint hint*. Now finally a family car....

It was such a wonderful and eventful birthday. Celebrating it with our precious little girl made it such a bonus....everything this year was so unexpected so every little detail was like a surprise. I am so content! Happy 28th to me!hehehehhe.

p/s: will post pics soon....when the penyakit malas subsided.


Frankensteina said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It seems that we are both Cappy :)

And Happy belated Anniversary too!

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