Friday, April 10, 2009

***Sit back, Relax & Enjoy the finer things in life***

Everything has been moving in a very fast pace. In a blink of an eye everything just altered right before your very eyes. One day you are so used to the norm and suddenly it came as a shocker what has transpired. Some accept the change with an open heart and mindset and some played it out as though the road ahead would be bleak and would eventually reach its dead end. Some laughed and some cried. Some fled from the scene could not be bothered and some people like me get to sit back and observe. With all that has been going on, I thank my lucky stars and am grateful with all life has to offer in my personal life and also in my career. Ever since Daanya, my priorities started to change. My perspective to what I want out of life has differed since premarital standing. Ever since Daanya, I have pledged that she and my other children to come deserves the best that we can give including our attention. Due to that, career high has not been what I was after. I am grateful for the opportunity given to me to date. I was just reassured the other day during a meeting with my superior that I am still needed as charge de projects where I am currently and that he needs people that he can trust and are responsible. As long as the yearly pay hikes can always be expected and bonuses, I am good to go. What is important is that my aim has always been to be there for my children and seeing to their welfare. I grew up with both my parents chasing after being the best at what they do career wise but at that time it was totally understandable. We were fortunate to get the best of everything due to that. We were comfortable yes, but it tore me to pieces that my parents were not around all the time...My dad did alot of travelling and managing his personnels back then, and mum was and still is the key person crunching numbers for her organization. This is partly why I never saw chasing after a career as one of my top priority. I just want to be with my family and that is my know as I quote a colleague who had said this before to me "whatever happens in the office I don't care, I still have my family, my children and the life out there. The world does not stop just because things are a havoc in the office". I take that in Mr. S and reflected "how true!" Eversince that, actually eversince before that (2 years ago, when Daanya was born actually, the moment she was laid on my body and I instantly fell in love with her and have been addicted to her eversince), this year I have finally made a resolution (check out my 2009 new year's post) to transform my life. To go ahead and do things I only thought or imagined of doing before this and thought that a baby or children was a hindrance to that. This year so far, I have begun to take a breather and concentrate on me and my family. So far all of the projects towards that are well on the way...and to GOD I pray that it would all be smooth sailing, Insya Allah. I have been so happy and content with this process of transformation under my wings so far that I cannot wait for the outcome. Personal and family KPIs for the 1st quarter are right on target!!! YAHOOoooo! So here I sit, set out to enjoy the finer things in life and making that my life goal, while things are revolving around in the office and in the world day to day. Of course a promotion would be a bonus but until then I am content doing what I am doing and loving it ;)


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