Friday, March 27, 2009

***She is now 2***

My little darling turned two last Monday. The date also marked our (Hazmy & I) 13 years of courtship prior to marriage. Back to the case and point...yup she is now 2...My thoughts often wander to the times when she was just delivered and welcoming her and all the milestones she had successfully undergone. We always say that she was a happy baby, never fussy, that anything goes...Everything was easy when it comes to taking care of her...she just does not make u want to tear your hair out...till today! Of course she goes through spells of temper tantrums and dissatisfactions but majoritily she always put a smile on our faces. She has grown into such a sweet little lady and an intelligent one at that! (of course, I am a bit bias!). She keeps surprising us with all that she's picked up and learned. She has turned into quite the conversationalist and a definite chatterbox. We can have conversations with her and she would response accordingly.

The past year have shown to us that she's quite a talent...singing, acting, dancing...all there....this might have infused into her by my side of the family...My dad is quite the singer himself and he would sing when requested at family gatherings and such. Hazmy and I have explored the many many outlets to send her so that she is able to hone those talents and skills. She has also found a love for building things...she loves her lego sets where she would build something and say this is a house or a hoist or things like that. She also loves the mechanics of how things work. She gets a new toy she would not go for aesthetics first, instead she checks out how it is connected, the screws or how a wheel to her push cart rotates..things like that I must say she takes after Hazmy's chinese side of the family. They are engineers (most of them anyway) and the rest are either a quantity surveyor and fields connected to that. Plus, Hazmy has a knack for DIY and this appears so prominently in her.

Her developments have been so vast that it is hard to keep track anymore. She can now eat solids and often demands that she does everything herself...she often stresses on independence and that should be a good thing right?? Not actually for a mummy who finds it hard to let go. So she feeds herself now and loves food that we consume as preparing meals now are easier especially when (at the very few chance that I get) on the days I feel like cooking, she would just basically have what we have...and of course when it gets to the spicy ones, she would have the milder version. Otherwise breakfast can be as simple as a roti telur when we have breakfast at the mamak's place or french toast when we eat breakfast at home, or spaghetti for dinner, or soup and the likes.

We are potty training her now...and so far it has turned out positively. We just instructed to tell us when she needs to go "yak-yak"/poo or "shee-shee"/pee. So far, she has not missed telling us when she needs to "yak-yak" and we would run to the bathroom for her to sit on the throne with the junior seat insertion that we got a while back. We chose to train her to sit on the big throne because we did not want to go through the hassle of using those little potties and having to clean them after also we did not want to have to go through re-training her once she is ready for the big throne. So there!! We are either lazy or practical..conclude it how you want!! ;P

Time-outs are fading out a bit in our household. She used to cry her eyeballs out whenever she has to go into time outs...Now, she takes herself there in her own accord. Heck she even puts her baby dolls and barney into time outs whenever she thinks that they misbehave! The funny thing is that she imitates us doing it too..." Be quiet, sit there! Don't move!" hahahhaha she does a good immitation of me I must say...Anyway, she mocks this method cause often she would take her ownself there and says with an angelic face "Mummy, Daanya time out ok? ok?" and here I go assuring her, " Daanya, you have been a good girl, no need to go time-out" and there she would sit for 5 minutes...hahahhahaha....Oh, mind you she also puts her uncles and aunties, grandparents included into time outs whenever they misbehaved too! hahahahahha....she really cracks us up...

She has indeed brighten up our lives with her presence and we were so lucky to be with people we love to celebrate her 2nd birthday. We celebrated a day earlier as Monday was a work day. Hazmy and I took that day off cause we wanted to spend the entire day with her. Anyhoo, we organized a small get together with family members at our sis (kudos manja!) used decorations from last year to set a birthday ambience to the place. I prepared roast chicken (3 roast chickens!!!) and vegetables, MIL brought lamb stew and my mom brought fruits and desserts oh and SIL brought potato salad...was good food, good company, a good celebration would want it any other way. Daanya had a wonderful time with all the familiar faces, faces of people that loves her unconditionally. And she got some good pressies too!!! It was perfect...a moment we'll cherish forever! Thank you everyone!

Daanya, Mummy loves you with all her heart and soul...I am so proud of your abilities and what you can do. Most of all I am so proud of the fact that you are mine and you will forever be my baby girl...Mummy and daddy will set out to give you the best of everything and at no compromise at that. You only deserve the best that we can offer you...Always remember that you will always have us and your family on your side at your beck and call. Family and religion is your core and never not acknowledge that...Mummy and Daddy may not be there all the time to be with you but we promise that our actions and decisions are of you as the focus and direction. I thank GOD for you always and though at times mummy and daddy can get a bit tough on you, rest assured it is for your own good. Happy 2nd Birthday!!! When you come to read this one day, you may think this is corny but let it be known that mummy feels it needs to be said to remember this year by...I have been quite sentimental about you growing up hence this corny birthday message ;P but I love you nevertheless...xoxo


BabyBooned said...

happy belated birthday daanya!! sorry i havent visited this blog in a while. love the new look and hoping to see more pictures and stories of daanya :)

p/s: i'm thinking of a meet-up for us with the kiddies. including zarina and sharina too. any ideas?

dory furby said...

Happy Belated Birthday Daanya!!and tell your mummy..Congratulations for raising such beautiful person! Love,Auntie Dory

Fini said...

BB: Would love a meet up with the girls and the kiddies...Daanya too is at the age where I found that she wants to socialize...I am fine with anything..just let me know beforehand.

Dory: Awww shy la when you say it like that...I always like to think that we as parents do the best that we can and in my hearts of hearts, I do hope that she will grow into the very best and beautiful person that she can be inside and out..Amin! And I hope the same for Aemil too..I've seen his photos and my he has grown...when are we going to meet up with our kids this time ok?