Tuesday, July 05, 2011

***Little Miss Misunderstood @ 12 months***

I know I have been very silent.  Probably close to a year now.  Just when I thought things will be more calm after the storm, life has taken to a more turbulent turn.  Life has lead me to a path where I would reconsider all of my objectives and prioritize.  Yes, indeed it took me that long to finally come to this day where I can finally talk about it.  However, that day won't be today in this post but another time in a different post.  This post should be solely dedicated to my Little Miss Misunderstood.  I think henceforth I shall withdraw from that title for her..Princess Yaya she will be just like our first born Princess D.

Yaya turned out on the contrary from the very beginnings of her life on this earth.  Previously I had vented how difficult a baby she was and over time she got better.  Now, she turned into such a pleasant, no fuss little toddler!  She is such a free spirit without a care.  She goes about her own business; the works; she does not demand attention from you unless necessary, she wakes up every morning always with a smile on her face; and only cries when she bumps her head in a fall...haha...Such tremendous turnaround I cannot help but beat myself up and go "What were you thinking?" Mummy is such a douchebag!!

We celebrated her first birthday 16 June and as tradition would have it we had a big bash with people we care for the a week after.  I am so proud of my Maya Arissa!  I could never ask for anything more!  She learned to crawl at 4 months, sit and stand at 6 months and walked at 10 months.  She is my lil go getter!  My lil petit go-getter! 

Maya Arissa, words cannot describe how proud I am of you...you've developed far beyond my expectation and I am truly sorry for being such a pain earlier on and not accept you for who you are. Just like your sister, I will strive to be at my very best for you.  You are my life and the reason I live my everyday.  Mummy and daddy will give our very best to equip you both to set out in the world.  We believe that both of you will make us proud and encourage you to achieve all that you can achieve and support you in all ways possible. I love you endlessly! So Happy Birthday my dear little one.  May you set out to be the best you can be, Insya Allah.