Sunday, June 24, 2012

*** A dry spell ***

It was back to the normal routine in our household this week.  You know, the usual pick up and drop off, extra classes and schedules.  

I have been a little uninspired lately in the kitchen.  I think this is due to post-holiday syndrome! I have a fridge fully stocked but nothing comes to me.  It's a dry spell.  Need to be inspired again.  I need to re-kindle my friendship with the Food Network.  My bestie on the other hand has been cooking up a storm! And the wonderful dishes she came up with was so so awesome!  She says it is normal to go through a phase like this. Her tip was to just go with something simple and build from there especially now with recipes readily available on the Internet.  I don't know what this is but I need to overcome  it fast or else we will be blowing our budget eating out this month!  And I saw, this perfect recipe for Mango Lassi by Giada on Food Network...may not be a meal but it's a start eh?

P/s : Princess M turned 2 last weekend but that deserves a post on its own.

P.P/s : I am watching Something Borrowed on Fox right now and it is one of  my favorite movies so it is too distracting to write and watch at the same time. But hey, at least I am keeping to my weekly commitment!

Till next week!