Friday, June 15, 2012

***Matters of the heart***

This week was all about family. 

Funny how it are at home raising your kids, making sure that everything in the household is in order and getting your routine down every waking day...minus all that then add in the proper setting; a remotely located resort, a beach, a swimming pool and some peace and tranquility, you start to really appreciate what you have in front of you.  You see your little family from a different light.  Minus all the routines you are bogged down with, you learn to appreciate them more and wishing that time could stand still right there and then just so things don't change. During times such as these you tend to bend a little and just let things fall where they may.  You let loose.

I love taking time off with my little family. I love spending every waking minute with them!  I am very grateful that we had these past two weeks to really bond and spend time together! In fact I am really grateful for all the quality times we had to date to do so. 

I guess it is really important to find time sometimes to just stop everything. Stop with the daily routines and take that moment to really put things in perspective and focus on what really matters.  I have been really happy lately but the past week I was at my happiest!  I get to really bond with my girls, no shouting and screaming from the top of my lungs to make sure they abide with whatever rules we've created! But to just let them be and just follow their wishes.  I was so relaxed and soaked it all in and savored the time. 

I discovered things about my girls that I wouldn't normally see on those 'normal' days.  Princess D is really starting to understand things better.  She is learning to understand that things are not just about her.  She has a baby sister which she has now learned to put in the picture.  She has really many principles and she stands by them.  She is true to her words and true to herself.  No pretense. No layers.  What you see is what you get.  She is somewhat of a control freak though some may curse me to say such things at that young age, but it is true! She likes it when things are in her control and freaks out or breaks down when they are not.  She has an outgoing side to her and can be really brave when she wants to be.  She just absorbs and absorbs her surroundings and turns everything into a learning process for herself.  She is also so in touch with her emotions.  I guess drama class is effective haha! Her wittiness astounds me.  I am truly proud of her and really in all honesty wants nothing but the best for her.

Princess M, is one tough cookie just as how our Aussie friends predicted she would be.  She knows what she wants and she fights for them.  She is so loving and caring. She is free-spirited but holds the things that are dear to her.  She is loyal.  She is friendly. Unlike her sister, she keeps her emotions to herself but let it all go when it reaches her limits.  That is when she doesn't stop.  She will make sure you know that you are the one she's got issues with. Her smile warms my heart! And she sure smiles alot!  She will let you know she loves you but will totally ignore you when she doesn't.  She like to make her own discovery and she learns from her trials and errors.  She doesn't give up easily.  She tries and tries until she succeeds.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful children.

I found out things about myself too! I found out that my OCD Type A+B goes with me no matter where I go.  Only it doesn't project so much in a relaxed environment.  Guess, you just can't have it all!  Cannot wait for the next family time!