Friday, September 08, 2006



"William Shakespeare wrote; 'Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds. It is an ever fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken. Love alters not with time’s brief hours and weeks, but bears it out even to the edge of doom.'"

Who would've thought!!! We are pregnant!!! All the years of harassing other people's babies, we are finally getting our own little bundle of joy, insya allah. It was all too overwhelming. I went through the whole ride of emotions there could be possible...I was happy, scared, euphoric,ecstatic, crazy, angry, nervous, worried, dissapointed???, jealous...all that you can possibly name. It seems that my life has only been that way ever since counting down to the moment of marriage. After it all sank in, I was indeed intoxicated with the whole concept. Hazmy was delirious. WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS!!! Now, I have 5 months to go till I with God's grace bring this baby out to its reality. Roughly, things around the house (oh, did I mentioned we moved???...) are so much different. I am being pampered by my loving hubby till no end and I cannot help but feel blessed that he has not acted up....O:-)

I have heard so many tales about being pregnant. So many do's and don'ts as well as superstitions. One's first endeavour down this path could easily get confused and I have to admit scared of doing things wrongly seeming that now the responsibility has kicked in for the little one. I swear that half the time I don't even know what I am doing. I am just taking it day by day. The other half of me just cannot wait to cradle the little one in my arms and love it and kiss it to death!!hahahhaa. And then there is also that fear of giving birth. People telling my myriad of stories to how unbearingly painful the experience was for them, some even told me that labor was very quick and painless....*re-accounting those moments* hmmm why did I choose to do this again???

I have to take this opportunity to thank my mama....She has been so so there for me. She worries and keep on giving her wonderful touches eversince the pregnancy. I have to confess though, I still think that she is still in denial over the whole " I am going to be a grandma!!" matter. I have decided that my child is going to call my parents "Grandma" and Grandpa" instead of this new trend of calling young grans "nenny". My dad too has been surprisingly involved telling me to eat good and healthy and drinking up soya bean whenever I can. Sometimes , I do pity them in the sense that I sometimes thought that they were still too young and vibrant to be put into this calamity.Hahahhahaha padan muka!!!

There also tales on how some pregnant women dealt with alot of crap from their husbands. There are cases in which their husbands feels that their wives are at their ugliest when pregnant. Some choose to have affairs. Imagine the trauma pregnant women have to go through. Not enough that they have to endure all the prognostics of being preggie, they too have to deal with all the bullcrap from their life partner. I do pray that I would not have to go through the calvary. Please understand hubbies out there that we preggie women whether we like it or not go through all these emotional crescendo sometimes for the most stolid reasons. We can laugh and cry just in a heartbeat. And I do think that it is during these times that conflicts we go through are taken to heart. So if you could just bear with us, understand the concept of pregnancy and what we have to go through to give you heir, maybe then you could put yourselves in our shoes.

That was me in my vengeful aura. Heehehehhe told you we go through this crescendo. Hey, I can't help being preggie.

Lastly, I cannot wait to know should this baby be a girl or a boy. I have a couple of beautiful names lined up for choosing. Mostly I cannot wait to purchase all knick knacks for the little one. On top of that, I cannot most definitely wait to share the baby with my support best friends, Pat, Ida and Nurul. You guys will be a big part of my baby's life and I hope you know it. Nurul, you I depend for my child's psychological health...hahhahaha aside from you pampering it to death lar of course. Ida, you I depend on to put laughter into his/her world. Pat, aside from being my baby's medical reference (hahahha), I do hope that my baby would find dependency in you.

Now, let's wait and see whether this baby will be a Danial or Daniaa shall we?


Irwan said...

... and you can count on me n jo to stuff your baby with whey protein and doses of steroids.

Jonh Neo said...

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See u soon, Fini

Patricia said...

Hey sweets,
I just stumbled onto your blog.... as so proud of you girl! I just love your blog, wish I too had the time. you've come through it all and achieved almost everything you want for in life. And why not, cause you really deserve all the best things in life. I wish I had more time to spend with you like the 'old' days but looking at my schedule dont think things will ease up at any time. But rest assured I'll try to make the arrangements, we have to at least meet up once a month ok? Am so happy that you are expecting a baby girl!!! and I cant wait to spoil her rotten!!!!!
My only advice is only when you are down think of how much joy you bring to my life...... and when you're happy it doesnt really matter if you think of me or not coz I wanna be there when you are down the lowest but I know plenty of others will be there for you when your high on your ups!