Friday, April 06, 2007

***The world welcomes Daanya Ayeesha!!***

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"And the little prince said to the man, 'Grownups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always explaining things to them.'" -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We bid welcome to Daanya Ayeesha Bt. Hazmy Hazeman. Our little angel was born 23rd March 2007 at exactly 5:52 pm on the day that Hazmy and I celebrate our 11th year of courtship anniversary. This makes the date even more meaningful where we have our first born daughter to commemorate the occasion after a year of marriage.

She is such an angel...I just cannot find the right and exact words to describe her. Never would I imagine such a beautiful being presented to me in the delivery unit at the hospital after 9 months of evolution in my belly. Her face, her nose, her eyes, her lips, her skin and the works so perfect!!!!The whole experience of giving birth was so unknowing...such much pain, anguish and suffering. It started the night of the 22nd....I was admitted into the delivery unit after a bloody show....That afternoon I had spent some time with my best friend, Patricia at my parents'. It was a fine lovely afternoon where we had spent it catching up after not seeing each other for quite a while. That night after she left there were more to what they termed "bloody show". After checking in into the delivery unit, still with no contraction they decided to put me through induced labor. Meaning that should the baby come it will come on our anniversary. The whole procedure started at 4am 23rd March 2007. The first bottle began its duty.

The pain was bearable at first. I was still able to smile for the camera...Yes, Hazmy just had to take a memento of the occassion. As the hours ticked by the pain was fast becoming such an agony to excruciating!!!I really wanted it to stop...I wanted to halt the whole process. However I picked up my strength and courage and endured the pain for the sake of bringing our daughter into the world...I thought to myself that I have to do this no matter what for my loving and supporting husband. Hazmy, throughout the whole ordeal was such a pillar for me....if he had falter, who knows what would have happened to me and our baby. I loved him an extra bunch for his hand (in which i wounded) and his caring for me while in I understood ended up holding the gas mask for me and shoving it to my face whenever I was desperate for it. Thanks sayang!!!

Almost 14 hours of suffering, our little angel came and made her presence. At that instant, all pain and torture diminished. She was such a sight! I was so proud of her for persevering through it all. My daughter! My very own. Our child.....a mark of our love for each other after so long....and a definite pinnacle to our one year mark of marriage. I loved her instantly. They put her in my hands and all I was able to do was cry realising the verity that something so miraculous and breathtaking could be the end result of such tremendous torment. At that point in time, all that went through my head was GOD is GREAT!!!GOD is MIGHTY!!!I feel so blessed for the wonderful miracle he had bestowed upon us, giving us such a wonderful gift and letting us start our ownlittle family.

With that said, I really cannot wait to start life just the three of us and feel what other newbie parents feel. I cannot wait to start the adjustment process and watching her grow right before our eyes and before you know it she will be off to pre-school and her playgroup then later college...hehhehehe.I have so many aspiration for my little daanya. So many hopes and dreams as how to raise her and the kind of mother I want to be for her. The kind of mother I have always dreamed of being for my children. A person in which they could look up to and come running to whenever they need a shoulder to cry on, a definite pillar of strength....a best friend. This is the very same bond I want established with their daddy too....

To end, allow me to be a bit sentimental...I look at her and I love the fact that she is ours....A symbol of our love for each other....Alot will change, routines will change, priorities will be altered...and I hope to dear GOD that with Daanya in our lives, our relationship will be stronger than ever....that our feelings will not vary....that we will support each other through thick and thin and that nothing will ever stand in our way and in the way of our family. Sayang and baby D....I love you both equally as love for you both is so great and so deep. I am so blessed to have you both in my life and now be able to function together as one happy unit. My love for you both knows no boundaries and limitations. Both of you will always be there together at No. 1 in my priorities list. Permanently sealed.

Ooops gotta go be a mommy now!!!!Ok Daanya mommy's coming!!!