Thursday, May 24, 2007


"What A frightening thing is the human, a mass of gages, and dials, and registers, but we can read only a few and those perhaps not accurately." -- John Steinbeck

We took Daanya for her 2-month jab yesterday...I was all excited!!Hhahahahah....I never get excited about going to the clinic before this but this time I was excited only because we want Daanya to improve in term of weight because she was not doing so well since birth to her first month due to her vomiting and spitting.But all is well....our little angel is now consuming better and spitting out less...and vomits only when she is too full...Praise to Allah, at her check-up yesterday she now weighs 5.6kg...yahooooo!!!!I wanted to jump ecstatically immediately right there at the doctor's office....honestly!!!! The doctor used to tell us that if her weight does not increase then we might have to resort to other alternatives to make her retain food....and I was a nervous wreck since then.Now, I feel so much better...the paed told me that ideally infants are supposed to gain an increment of 100 grams a week...a total of 400g a month...She was weighing at 3.7kg during her first month check-up and this 5.6kg is really a hike of more than 400grams and wooshhhh I felt a pang of relief!!!I know I know some of you are probably wondering if I am obsessed with obese and chubby babies....hahhahah YES I AM!!!!!hehhehehe. I think they are cuter the chubbier they get!!!I know...mental kan????hahhahahah.

Anyways,the doctor said she is doing fine...her muscle tone is tremendously good....her reflexes are also good...except that she has yet to lift her head when the doc pulled her hands...but that is fine the doctor said...all in due time...heartbeat also very good...all in all...a healthy baby!!!However I do get the occasional concerns about what I would do when she gets sick or gets down with the flu or something like that....Therefore I praise mommies that are strong and collected and knows exactly what to do in times when their babies need them the most...I feel that you prove to your babies how dependable you are as a mommy when faced with dire situations and when their mommies know exactly what to do here, is where they would know that they are always in good hands.So salute to Nina...for being so strong and so together for baby Gib...remember that mommies stick together.I am here if you need to vent!!!

So, Daanya got her 2 month jab!!! It took a while for the doctor to prepare the shot...I think because it is 6 in 1....with all the technical names that I just cannot pronounce...hahhahaha...but the doctor was so good and thorough with her...the moment the needle went in Daanya cried and the needle came out she stopped..."Good girl" mommy said...I was sooo proud of my little one...She took it like a pro!!!hehhehehe...or maybe her thigh protected her from severe pain!!!hahhahaha..her thighs are now double in size compared to last cute! After the shot, she went back to her usual cheery self....coos and gagas all the way to opah's house (hazmy's mom's) where I left her for the rest of the day while I went to get some alone time...but that is a different story...

I was a proud mommy yesterday...especially now that I've embarked on motherhood independently at our own place, hopefully on the right I am less worried of spits and vomits. I just cannot wait when she is not too fragile to take out on outings. Right now, she does have her "meragam"s and have had 2 incidents where she was literally kena "tarik" which scared the living daylights out of me. You see I don't know how far is this true but it might have some truth to it....malays especially those of the older generation, they believe that babies are able to see to the extent what we adults cannot see...yes, by this I mean those spiritual beings that wanders around us....the elders claim that newborns have this sweet smell that they really like...and there is the good ones and bad ones...the good ones only wants to play with your baby...that is when you sometimes see your baby smile and laugh even when you are not playing with them...but the bad ones....hence the name lar...don't want to go into that...anyways, after two incidents of Daanya literally being "tarik"ed in front of my eyes...asked this spiritual master to scan if anything is disturbing her and he said there is but not teruk he said....but it was good enough to make me scared. Therefore, I am going to ask Hazmy to call this master and scan all houses of each parents and also the new one we are moving into...I've heard so many stories and I really do not want anything to harm my, we have taken proper precautions and so far after almost a week in our place, she is more peaceful and sleeps better...but I do take precautionary actions like not taking her out till late and bring her home either before dusk or after maghrib prayers. Still keeping my fingers crossed though....still want to give it some time before we really take her out....but for now, the current arrangement will have to do.

Oh, Daanya sleeps throught he night now...We put her down at 12 midnight and she wakes up at 7 or 8am for her milk...hhehehhe hopes she keeps this up even when I start going to work...I could use the sleep time....

So there it is...Daanya's 2 month update...I get so excited just thinking what will her next development the mean time...I am also concentrating on losing the baby weights and getting back into my pre-pregnancy far so good...manages to lose 20kgs already and another 10 will do me good...insyaAllah.


BabyBooner said...

congratulations daanya!!!! great progress :)))))))
i cannot believe baby girls are sooo senang to sleep through the night. sigh sigh sigh! my sister's had three boys and one girl and she said berBEZAAA sgt to take care of that girl in comparison to the 3 boys!! oh for the wish of a good night's rest... ahhh...
anyway, u've been tagged yet again! (jgn maraaaa...) it's about daanya's name :D