Wednesday, May 30, 2007

***Before & After ***

Just a quick update....

I found this photo yesterday on Daanya's Uncle Joe's phone and seriously could
not recognize an who this baby I a bad mother???? :( I was totally dumbfounded as really could not believe that the baby in the picture was my Daanya....She was so tiny...this picture goes back to the days when she was spitting and vomiting. Basically this post is just to prove that she did not gain that much weight since birth till her first month check up....She weighed 3.2kg at birth exactly 7 pounds...Sadly on her first month check up she only weighed 3.7kg which only took a 500grams hike....All this because she was not retaining food including breast milk...

Now, at 2 months...she weighs at a whooping 5.6kg...a vast growth and also development. She is really catching up...I may have to get new clothes for her as her current ones are almost tight fitting on her....hehhehehe...We are so glad that now she is retaining her milk. And demands 2 refill packs of formula a week.hehheheh kesian daddy...but as her Tok Papa said..."Anak nak makan takkan nak sekat" hahhahah true that!!!

But, whatever the size, big or small...Mommy loves you to pieces princess with all my heart and soul!!!(But still, it would be a bonus to pinch your chubby cheeks, and mommy has an obsession with chubby babies!!!Am on a mission!!!)*grins*