Tuesday, February 10, 2009

***I am no supermom compared to her but I wanna be her***

As I was growing up, my imagination would always wander off and I used to imagine what it would've been like to have my own babies and having to take care of them, what it would be like to be a doting wife and most of all a doting mother. I always imagined only the best and beautiful of things. In my world of fantasy, my babies did not cry or have temper tantrums, I would'nt need to raise my voice at them and discipline them, they would be the perfect children. In those very fantasies, I would be the perfect wife who did not understand the word exhaustion keeping everything in its place and always catering to my husband's needs and minding the nest, so to speak. Fast forwarding to reality, now that I am a wife and a mother, it is in fact all that I never and certainly did not imagine things to be...hahaha.

Now that I am here, being the typical overly-thinking-into-things (some would call it drama queen
!), type A+B individual, I cannot help thinking of the past and go "ppffftttt" what was I thinking??? Things now are pretty much the opposite of the things I imagined. I hardly have time to be the doting wife due to work hours and exhaustion there after, my kid throws temper tantrums whenever she feels like it resulting in me to sometimes lose it!!!

However, I know for a fact that what I am going through is the norm and many others are going through even messier situations...I know that this is
peanut compared to one Kate Gosselin and how she manages her children, a set of twins and another set of sextuplets - making this a total of 8 children. I love to watch their show on Discovery, Jon & Kate plus 8 and just watching how she organizes their home and her children is totally astounding!!! and I so totally envy that. I never hear a complaint out of her and her hubby instead she finds humor in the most annoying and irritating situations when dealing with her children. I found that she only had good things to say of her husband and always thanked him for giving her a helping hand amidst her busy and hectic life. I cannot imagine having to do what she is doing on an everyday basis!!! Having twins to me is still manageable but having to deal with the other 6 of the same age must be totally CRAZY!!!and for that I salute her!!!! I have total respect for her...I love to see those children and how each has their individual needs and how well Kate and Jon recognizes each and every child as the individual that they are...and how she keeps things so well organized and on a schedule and still manages to keep order...and get this the children loves each other! and of course they have their casual spats but none of them fights for attention more than the other...meaning that each are equally paid attention to and they look so happy....OMG!!!I am so jealous!I don't know how she does it but she does it and for that she gets a gazillion stars on my books!!! So, Jon & Kate, this is a tribute for you and your family to thank you for making me realize how measly my troubles are when it comes to dealing with our little Daanya and balancing that with managing the household...I have such a profound respect for you and your husband, wish you all the love in the world and the good job you've done with the kids!!!

p/s: I always love to read about them and
here is a mention of their interview with Oprah.