Wednesday, July 07, 2010

***...and she is Maya Arissa***

Announcing the arrival of our latest addition to the family...Maya Arissa Bt. Hazmy Hazeman.  Our latest precious was born 16 June 2010, 10:03pm at 3.48kgs equivalent to 7.7 lbs.

Weeks to her arrival had been so anticipated and longed for by all. All members of the family that would love her straight off.  Hubs and I had done all necessary.  We moved into the new house very well on schedule so that we could all be comfortable and acclimatized to the new surrounding. All boxes were unpacked and all appliances installed just in the nick of time. I managed to have 2 weeks of total rest in anticipation of her arrival. All in all everything was in place.

That very Wednesday of the 16th, hubby and I went to our weekly appointment with Dr. S in SDMCSJ as scheduled.  That very morning my mucous plug had ruptured which was very alien to me really cause I did not experience any of the sort with Princess D.  Consulted my bestie and she said it is an early sign of labor which could span a day to a week. Ok i thought no need to panic...So at the Doc's clinic, explained to her what happened with the mucous plug and after her routine examination she said that I was already 3-4cm dilated. To my surprise...the same thing happened when I was preggers with D.  Dilated but no physical pain!  And the very advice I shudder to hear came..."Since everything is already in place and you are already dilated that much, we could wait one or two days before you actually are in labor or we could minus the wait and go in today..." suddenly, all the torture and pain from delivering D came back as a refresher...."Oh no, does that mean meds again doc?" and yes was her reply.I was hoping we'd never hear that word this time around. I wanted everything to be "au natural" and really experience the truly "normal" kind of delivery...I was a bit disappointed not that I couldn't wait but because we were given the choice...and I did not want to make that choice. Here in one hand, I really do want Maya to arrive though 5 days earlier...but on the other hand, like I said I wanted it to be "normal" in every essence of the word.  I couldn't make the decision so I left it to hubs.

Of course, he being him, told the doc, let's do it, why wait?? *sigh* Oh boy, here we go again, I thought. Doc told us to go home and prepare whatever necessary reminding me to have a big lunch and to head straight to the labor ward at 3pm.  Nervous definitely I was.  All the way home and back to the hospital I kept comforting myself that this was the right decision.That it was meant to be.

In we went at 3pm.  Kind nurses and caretakers of the labor ward immediately started with all necessary procedures.  Made me nervous even more as they were all too fresh like it was just yesterday. The enema, the poking on my all so crooked veins, the rupture of the amniotic sac, the invasive intrusions into your *you-know-where*....all too familiar!!!

The whole time lying on that labor room bed I kept wondering whether this will be a 14 hour gig again. But all hail! Thank you to the Almighty...we went in at 3pm felt no pain from the meds until 7:30pm. Even text my mom and asked why am I feeling no pain 4 hours in...8pm while hubby was performing prayers I called in the nurse for the painkiller jab.  Jabbed me they did and readied the gas...apparently at the time I was only 6 cm dilated.  I remember that distinct moment...hubby came back and a series of pain came and gone...9:45pm, I was dilating at 7cm, too early to push I thought. Got annoyed when hubby asked "Yang, do you feel like you want to push?" I irritatedly said no, not yet...but a split second later told him to get the nurse cause I want to push...nurse came in and at an instant 7cm turned to 9cm over probably 2 minutes span. I was frantic cause I wanted to push really really bad but the nurse told me not to, not until the ever committed Dr. S came. I remember not being bothered by the nurses cause helloooooo the push is automatic!!!!!4 pushes and roughly 18 minutes later, she came...our little fighter...our little speedy gonzales (hehehe)...10.03pm and she graced us with her presence...lovely!!!Alhamdulillah...The Almighty had never left my side, hubby was so supportive, I couldn't have done it without them...and of course the Doc and the labor room staffs...

She is so lovely...she is such a gift...I saw the look that hubby gave her and it was a look full of pride...and I was instantaneously overjoyed.  Maya Arissa is the name we have chosen for her...a name that means Bright Princess. Such a precious gem she is.  Now, we have two wonderful is going to be a lot tougher with a lot more challenges, but having the presence of our two daughters with each their own antics, challenges we'll can life be a bore right??